Laundry 101 has new owners

One of Forks’ longest running family owned businesses has been sold, and it was important for Ron and Kathy Hjelmeseth that the business stay locally owned.

Ted and Lorraine Cress are the new owners. Lorraine will make Laundry 101 her day job after working for about 15 years for the Hoh and Quileute Tribes. Lorraine said the only big change for now is the phone number which is 360-640-1024. Otherwise, the laundry mat will be open 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. daily and services like drop and fold, laundry service for businesses such as restaurants; carpets, towels, uniforms and logging companies; coveralls, etc., will continue as before.

A grand opening is planned for a later date, Laundry 101 will be turing 55 this year! Lorraine says the biggest issue will be maintencance of the machines. “Ron and Kathy have been really supportive,” she added.

“We have worked and loved living in the community for 18 years, our son graduated from Forks High School — we love it here.”