Rain of Terror 2016, ‘That’s a wrap!’

Dear Editor,

Another year is officially in the books for the “Rain of Terror.” The weather was not in our favor this year, but we didn’t let it get us down. We apologize for not opening the first weekend as advertised.

The weather and the lack of electricity put a damper on things in more ways than one. We did not have the generator power we would have needed to open when the power went out and the wind made for dangerous conditions. Safety not only for our actors but for the patrons as well became our No. 1 concern.

Once the weather passed however, we were able to proceed as planned. Although we did not get the thunder and lightning like we had last year, the hanger ghosts were in prime form for opening night. Just as we were preparing to open the doors to the first customers of the night, our lights flickered.

Not heeding the warning at the first flicker, we proceeded to open the doors. Apparently, the ghosts weren’t quite ready for that because right about that time the breakers popped and the lights went out. After a bit of fumbling around in the dark and fighting with the breakers, the ghosts decided THEY were now ready and the lights went back to working as normal. Now that we had permission from them we proceeded to open.

With the help of the hanger’s live-in ghouls, we did what we like to do best … caused some young and some not so young folks to have nightmares. You’re welcome. You were brave indeed to go through the haunt in its entirety and we would have hated the idea of you leaving empty-handed. Since the props were not souvenirs to be taken home (nor were the ghouls) we had to give you something to remember your experience by.

We would like to thank everyone who came out to support us. We hope you were truly scared senseless and enjoyed every second of it! Please know that we did enjoy every second of your screams and the look on the faces of those who were caught cowering in the corner at times.

Your willingness to drive out and visit us is what makes us come back every year and we can’t thank you enough for helping us have another successful year. (Look for some of our scare cam footage on Facebook soon. Page name — Rain of Terror).

We want to send a big THANK YOU shout out to those who helped sponsor us this year. We want to thank the City of Forks for once again allowing us to use the Quillayute hanger space, the location is perfect! Our local VFW for sponsoring us this year!

The VFW also will be the recipient of our proceeds donation this year. We had several businesses that donated to us again this year as well. So, in no particular order, we would like to give a big THANK YOU shout to Home Slice Take N Bake, Forks Outfitters, Pacific Pizza, Vern Hestand, Cisco and Franz.

Your support and donations of supplies, money, creativity, food or time is greatly appreciated! Without it we would not be successful! Some of you have supported us from the beginning of this adventure 4 years ago! Your continued support has not gone unnoticed and it is tremendously appreciated!

A big THANK YOU also must go out to the crew again this year! We had several new crew members and several returning ones. The blend of old and new worked well and we couldn’t have asked for a smoother working crew.

Again in no particular order, a big THANK YOU shout out to Phil Sifuentes, James and Pattie Mason, Jessica and Titus Hurley, Cj Ashue, Andy Hoschar, Carl Overman, Chelsey Simons, David and Nanette Mohn, Emma-Grayce Tinker-Fleck, Immanul Goodlance, Ivan Torres, Jerrid Davis, Joanne Espino, Lauren Decker, Lisa Martinez, Maggie Sifuentes, Mary McCan, Nathaniel (Thomas) Jackson, Rickie Branham, Riley Ray, Rylee Bouchard, Tanner Jackson, William Fleck, Julie Smith, Danielle Helms, Braxton Kersavage, Missy Rayment, Andrew Potter-Cross, Robbie Williams, Chance Black, Justin Forsman, Phillip Ashue and Diana Rosewell.

Also to the parents of the teens that were involved, we would like to say THANK YOU as well. Many of you supported them not only by allowing them to participate but also by giving them rides to the hanger and allowing them to pull some late nights.

Your support was noticed and it is extremely appreciated! Without your support, we would not have had the great crew we had!

We look forward to next year and even more great scares. Throughout the year we will take small crews out and about to do research for new scenes for next year.

If you want to know what we are up to, follow us on our Facebook page (Rain of Terror) and we will post where and when we will pop up along the peninsula.

Thank you all again for the continued support, and until next October, we hope you have a great year!

Thank you,

The “Rain of Terror” crew