2021 predictions

With most people just wishing to forget that 2020 ever happened…be careful what you wish for …2021 could be worse!

Well here are a few predictions for this New Year.

In a daring early-morning move, a group of Forks Community Hospital Long Term Care residents made a break for it; hijacking the new LTC bus and heading out …destination Reno. Sadly the group only made it to Queets, where they were turned back …after picking up some smokes and scratch tickets.

Blakeslee’s Bar and Grill created a new drink called the Quaran-tini? …it is 100 percent alcohol …garnished with a sprig of hemlock and the limit is one per customer. If it doesn’t kill you it might help you forget 2020.

The December 2020 Monolith made a summertime comeback …having been selected as the Grand Marshal of the Forks Old Fashioned Fourth of July parade. The crowd loved it, but the Monolith refused to wave.

In a move of rebellion, community members gathered at Tillicum Park and proceeded to create a bonfire made of their used masks. Sadly organizers of the protest neglected to get the proper burn permits from the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency. ORCAA threatened fines but …everyone clammed up.

On one of her celebration rides, after a Seahawks loss, Ruth bumped her head and forgot that she hated the Seahawks. She ditched all her 49er’s gear and stocked up on Russell Wilson jerseys. The switch was short-lived and Ruth was soon back to her old self.

Work began on the ODT bridge at the Calawah Park. All work stopped when some mid-century artifacts were unearthed but soon began again when the items were identified as an old Nesbitt’s pop bottle and several Olympia Beer bottles most likely from the old city dump that once occupied the area.

Rain …Rain …prediction for 2021 …130.12 inches.

Happy 2021

Christi Baron, Editor