From left to right: Bike winners Mishel Martinez,Dema Martin-Mendoza, Elizabeth Ramirez-Jeronimo, Belinda Ramirez-Jeronimo. Photon Christi Baron

From left to right: Bike winners Mishel Martinez, Dema Martin-Mendoza, Elizabeth Ramirez-Jeronimo, Belinda Ramirez-Jeronimo. Photon Christi Baron

FIS Bike Winner’s Essays

  • Fri Apr 26th, 2019 9:56am
  • Life

Last week Forks Junior High Students, who did book reports to win two bikes, donated by Scott Seaman, were in the paper, this week four students from Forks Intermediate School are being featured for writing essays on Why is School/Education Important?

Scott Seaman once again donated two bikes, but when the essays were being judged it was decided that they were just too good and two more bikes were purchased and so four bikes were given away. The winning essays follow:

Why is School/ Education Important?

by Dema Martin Mendoza

Grade 4 Mrs. Leverington

School is important to me because school helps me and all kids to learn stuff we might know or not know. School is also important to me because all teachers matter about kids and save the life of all the students.

The teachers also teach us to not bully other students, the school teaches us the 3 rules…to be respectful, responsible and being safe. The school teaches us how to not damage the school materials and other school supplies, the teachers help the students how to be a good student and let the students not be shy when they participate or show and tell other students in their or his/her classroom (Homeroom).

The school helps all students to develop self-esteem by bringing a sense of belonging, accepting ownership for your behavior, acknowledging when you or someone else is wrong.

Allowing the experience of success or failure, giving the students smart choices helping other students or grownups to show responsibility letting the students have critical thinking of their skills, developing a sense of control, developing friendship, establishing consequences, expressing feelings, teachers help students express his/her feelings.

Teachers help students develop their problems by being a problem solver. Teachers help students to help your friends or other kids, teachers helping students to learn to show appreciation, giving students hope, letting students learn how to accept help, letting students learn how to ask for help, letting a child know when he/her is available for help, letting the students mastering their skills.

Showing students how to share something important to other students, showing students to trust they can do it and the teachers teach the students how to work as a team, but the most important thing that teachers teach to students is to NOT bully other students (Kids). But the students get to be an upstander to protect other students (kids) by saying the words “STOP hurting and saying bad stuff to them.” Or “Don’t bully these kids because you’re hurting their feelings”. These words can make the bully go away BUT it might get the bully angry and hit you or say bad words to you, but you can IGNORE them. All these things that we learn matter to me and other students and matter to the Elementary and Intermediate Schools.

Why is School/

Education Important?

by Elizabeth Ramirez-Jeronimo

Grade 4 Mrs. Leverington

School/Education is important because it helps us learn math, reading, and science. So when we have a job we will know what to do. The teachers come every day to show us new strategies so it will be easier to understand. And to learn to be independent when we grow up and we will know what to do so it’s going to be easy to do.

Like in high school if you want to be a chef, you could take classes to help you. The Elementary School shows us the basic things like ABC’s and how to read. The Intermediate School shows us how to be Safe, Respectful and Responsible.

So school education prepares us for life and shows that Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol are bad for your life. In Science they show us about Human body, energy, geology and more stuff like landforms and bodies of water and helps us understand maps.

Math shows us how to multiply, divide and add and subtract mixed numbers. Math shows us how to multiply a three digit number by a one digit number and adding money. ELA shows us when to use punctuation and how to know similies, metaphors, idioms and more.

Some people don’t like school they rather stay home but I am thankful for the education. I want to change the world when I grow up but if I don’t know how to add, multiply, divide, subtract, read and other stuff I would not reach my grade and because I want to be an architect I need to now math. How to design buildings and more but I know it won’t be easy to do. I will have to go to college for a long time so I could succeed but the most important thing is that I need education even if I have to wake up at 7 a.m. I still need to go to school and do my best so I could achieve my dreams. So education is important so we can have a good job and be something in this world and most importantly to prepare us for life.

Why is School/

Education Important??

by Mishel Martinez

Grade 4 Mrs. Leverington

School/Education is important because school helps you learn new stuff every day. You need education to get the job you want. You learn a lot of different subjects and learn to be independent when you grow up. Teachers show you new strategies.

The teachers help you with math so that you can know what to spend your Money on. Teachers teach kids for 6 hours and you learn a lot every day. Education is important because you can go to the college you want to go to. And education can be your beginning line so that you can get started with school. You need lots of years in school So that you can have a better life. To get the job you want you need to study the job you want.

Education gives us a knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. School is important; No matter what you want to be. Without education of some sort we are unable to grow and develop into our potential. If You want to lead a happy life and enjoy the good things the world has to offer you certainly need to go to school And get educated. Without school, people wouldn’t understand some of the things necessary in everyday life.

School is important because it teaches us about the world around us. School is important because you have to learn to think like the group. Also if you fail school, you fail Life. Education is important because education gives us knowledge. Just like food and shelter, Education has become a basic necessity of life. Education is a life long journey for every person. Education never leaves your hand, it walks side by side. Education opens your eyes about how the world works and how to face drastic negative social situations.

Educations gives you a general idea how to live respectfully and as best as you can. Education helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life. School is important because it is one of the first stages of our lives. School helps us get through life; it teaches us how to deal with everyday problems. It helps us to be creative. And to express ourselves in many ways—School makes us a better Nation.

Why Is School/

Education Important?

by Belinda Ramirez

Grade 6 Mrs. Streuker

Why I think school/education is important is because our education will help us in the future to get a good job. It will help us do simple tasks like reading, writing, calculating numbers and other things. Education helps us understand things a lot better.

A lot of people are successful in their lives because they had education. Education can help you in simple ways like when you are baking you need to know the number of cups you need for flour. When you go to the store you need to know how much money you pay to the cashier. Another way that education helps you is a lot of people is eating when they are signing papers because they need to know what they are signing.

In a lot of countries, you need to pay for education and sometimes they think that girls don’t need education and they don’t have to go to school. A lot of people that I know came from a different country and don’t know how to read and write. They have a hard time understanding things. Some people in different countries can only afford education for some years. My parents know how to read and write but they only went to school until 6th grade and then they dropped out because their parents couldn’t afford the money to keep paying for school.

After they dropped out of school they had to work to help out their families. Sometimes whenever my parents need help in something they ask me because they don’t understand it.

Education is a skill, it is helpful for many things in the world. Without education people wouldn’t know what to do and the world wouldn’t function because there isn’t any knowledge in the world. A world without knowledge would not function well.

Education gives us knowledge and knowledge gives us understanding. Knowledge is power. It is one of the most important things in our lives. It plays an important role in the world. That is the reason why I think education is important.