Forks history from the pages of the Forks Forum Thursday Dec. 18, 1941 Quillayute Grade School is destroyed by blaze

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Quillayute Grade School photo 1930s

Fire Wednesday night starts in furnace room

Building quickly cleared of parents and children attending Christmas program

Fire Wednesday night destroyed the Quillayute Grade School. The structure was burned to the ground and only a few things were saved.

The fires started between 8:15-8:30 p.m. The Forks Fire Department was called to the scene but they were unable to save the building as it was well burned down when they arrived at the scene and there was no near water supply. A strong wind also was blowing.

The fire originated in the furnace room. As yet the cause has not been determined. The gymnasium, teachers cottage and light plant were saved by the fire department. After the department members left the scene about midnight, soldiers were placed on guard about the buildings.

At the time of the fire the building was crowded with parents and children who were attending a Christmas program. Quick thought on the part of the teachers cleared the building immediately and no panic was shown.

The children were told that they were going to see Santa Claus but that in order to see him, they had to go outside. The children did this and did not know that there was a fire until they were well out of the building.

Few details were available on the fire as this newspaper went to press. It is said that there was $7,000 insurance on the building.

Editors note:

The Quillayute Grade School was three rooms, had a brick veneer, hot and cold water and electricity at the time of the fire. It had a capacity of 100 students. The Quillayute Grade School was not rebuilt and students joined the Forks District. Today a few sections of the fence still can be seen on the Mina Smith Road where the school once stood.