Shop Forks first!

On the way to Port Angeles the other day, I was listening to some random Canadian radio station. It was coming in hit or miss.

On the way to Port Angeles the other day, I was listening to some random Canadian radio station. It was coming in hit or miss. Around Bear Creek or so I heard the following; “What is the weirdest place you have ever *kshhhhhh*?”

I’m not even kidding you. The station went out as soon as it got good. It was one of those, “Are you kidding me?!” moments. That’s my luck all the time. I’m constantly thinking that I must have been a sleazy used car dealer in a past life. There is no other explanation for my “luck.” Regardless of my luck, or lack thereof, that was all I heard. The weirdest place you have ever….

The callers rang in left and right. Soon I was listening to people explain the weirdest place they had ever…. One lady answered, “A motorcycle!” A motorcycle? How is that even possible? On the highway? Really? Is that safe? Better yet, is that legal?

Another guy called in; “A train track! That’s my weirdest place!” He responded. A train track? I don’t even want to know. OK, maybe I DO want to know. How comfortable can that be? (You know that you are getting old when you start to concern yourself with comfort. I’m definitely getting old.)

Regardless of comfort, I’m getting weirded out with this conversation considering that my kids are in the car. I’m beginning to think that maybe I should cover their ears. I’m assuming that maybe this radio station is not Rated PG. Who knows what rules they have in Canada? After all, Canada = Justin Bieber.

Unfortunately, I’m driving and so I think ear-muffing my kids probably isn’t safe. Ear-muffing doesn’t seem logical if you have more kids than hands. Also, if talking on your cell while driving is illegal, you know that putting your ears over THREE kids’ ears (while steering) has to be illegal.

One last caller calls up and says, “My weirdest place was in an outhouse!!!” The radio DJ’s all start laughing hysterically. What in the h-e-double hockey sticks??!!! In an outhouse??

Oh man. I’m not judging, I’m just wondering how sanitary that is. That’s the mother in me … and I’m not even a clean freak. I let my kids eat cookies off the ground all the time. But an outhouse? An outhouse???!!

Following a few answers, I arrive in Port Angeles. I am getting this Canadian radio station in pretty crystal clear by this point. I finally hear the radio DJ say, “Well, the weirdest place I have ever slept is in my recliner.” Slept? As in sleep? That’s what we were talking about? This whole time I thought we were talking about …. well, I didn’t think we were talking about sleep, that’s for darn sure.

Anyway, this is a reminder that we all need to shop Forks first, including the radio station. They don’t put that kind of filth on the air. Canada on the other hand … heathens!

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