Girl Scout Camp

By Elizabeth

Hello it’s Elizabeth. I am going to talk about when I went to Japanese girls Scout camp. I was so scared and I hated it because everyone talked Japanese. I was so homesick and it was uncomfortable and I really missed my family. It was not fair that there were some parents who went. There were only five Americans in the camp and I was the only American in my cabin.

It was so sad they were mean to me. There was this five year old and she was soooo cute, but so unfair because when we had to wake up she got extra sleeping time, so unfair. And I was sad when I realized that my parents were not coming.

I did learn how to make Japanese “soba” noodles and we visited a real Ninja village and got to do things. I had many friends when I left so it was a bummer. I was crying when it was time to say good bye and it was so sad. But now I am going back to a place called “Halloween Camp” next month. OK, gotta go, I will tell you all about Halloween camp, bye!

*Parental note: Elizabeth was so popular at the Summer Camp that the Japanese Scouts begged her to come to the Halloween camp and even said she could bring two girls from her troop along as well.