Hello Baby, is that you?

Mondays are a very busy day here at the Forks Forum office, but I always try to answer the phone, just in case any big breaking stories are happening, because I don't want to miss a thing. So,

Mondays are a very busy day here at the Forks Forum office, but I always try to answer the phone, just in case any big breaking stories are happening, because I don’t want to miss a thing. So, it was quite annoying when at around 10 a.m. last Monday the phone started ringing. Not just once but about 20 times, one call after the other!


The first call-nobody there-I hung up-immediately it rang again-dial tone, and so it went over and over, until the 20th call, then I heard the voice of the obsessive, phoning, fanatic … it was a baby.

That’s right, somebody’s baby was playing with a cellphone and either the Forks Forum number was the last number called or was programmed in and this baby had my number.

I don’t have caller ID or star 69 so I was at this baby’s mercy. How could I reason with it? It didn’t seem to talk yet. In the old days, like five years ago, one might call the phone company. Instead I did what any red-blooded American would do — I went to social media and I posted my pain on Facebook. Since I have really great friends that are very supportive, many gave me tips on how to ditch the baby but most thought the entire thing hilarious. Some even threatened to call impersonating the baby! I love my friends.

About an hour later the baby called back and then must have had lunch and a nap because no more calls came in.

Tuesday morning dawned, also a busy day because the paper goes to print at 11 a.m., and at 10 a.m. the baby called. This time I could hear adults talking or television in the background. The baby called about six more times and then left me alone the rest of the day.

I was gone Wednesday to Port Angeles so if the baby called that day, it did not leave a message. On Thursday afternoon the phone rang, once again nobody on the line, I hung up, it rang again, I was just getting ready to let that baby have it and then realized it was my boss on the phone!

So far this morning the baby has not called; it has probably moved on to redial another poor victim.

In other news, and I am not talking about the Super Bowl, First Federal soon will say “farewell” to its longtime Forks branch manager Traci Pederson so that she can pursue new career opportunities.

Traci began her employment with First Federal in October 1995 as a teller in the Forks branch. After working a short time in that position (one week), she was promoted to the position of loan processor, where she continued working until August 1999.

Traci then left employment with First Federal to explore other opportunities. In July 2000 Traci was rehired by First Federal as a loan officer and loan processor. She continued working in that role until July 2006. At that time, Traci was promoted to the position of Forks branch manager where she has remained and thrived.

Feb. 13 at the Forks First Federal branch everyone is invited to celebrate Traci’s time with First Federal and wish her well in this new phase in her life and career. Come share memories and refreshments with Traci, her friends, family and First Federal customers.

Congratulations to Traci for not being afraid to make a change, change is good, I know this. Traci’s energy, creativity and great smile surely will be missed at the Forks branch of First Federal, but I know we are going to be seeing her around!