If You Play an Instrument, the “Forkestra” Invites You to Join Them for their 26th Year of Performing Music at Forks Celebrations

The Forks “Forkestra” invites instrument players who live in the Forks area to join the group as it prepares for its “Reuniting for Christmas 2022 Concert.”

The Forkestra has not performed since the outset of the Covid Pandemic. To join, you will need to bring your instrument and a music stand, if you have one, to practice sessions being held at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 250 Blackberry Avenue in Forks, on Wednesday nights, 7-8:30 p.m. Practice sessions in 2023 will be held on Thursday nights at the same location and time. Sheet music is provided by the Forkestra.

According to Forkestra director and founder Deborah Dillon, everyone who has played an orchestra instrument in the past is welcome to come to the practice sessions. “It may have been years since you’ve opened your trumpet, clarinet or violin case, but that doesn’t matter,” she said.

“We are a community orchestra, open to all players regardless of skill levels,” she said. The Forks “Forkestra” was established in 1996 by a small group of local music enthusiasts. In the past, the group has regularly performed in the Fourth of July Parades, Rainfest, Hickory Shirt Days, graduations, Christmas programs and many other local celebrations.

“We are excited to start gathering together and playing again for our community, Dillon said. “We look forward to greater participation in the Forkestra and welcome everyone to come listen to our concerts,” Dillon said.

For more information about the Forkestra and how to join, please contact Christi Baron at 360-374-3311 or send an email to cbaron@forks forum.com.