It’s that scary time of year …

  • Sat Oct 27th, 2018 6:44am
  • Life

It is that scary time of year. That time of year when you can’t believe the frightening things you see and hear, and I am not talking about Halloween … I am talking about Election Season! So remember to VOTE!

Okay, now I am going to talk about Halloween. Last week I had the opportunity to interview an alien — not an alien from another country, but from another planet.

If you have attended the Haunted Hanger you may have seen this individual. He is the official greeter for the Rain of Terror Haunted House that is open for the last weekend this Friday and Saturday from 7 p.m.-midnight, and also Halloween night from 7-10 p.m. Cost of admission is $10.

If you haven’t been to the Rain of Terror Haunted Hangar yet, let me tell you about Rubyn Marzlakia from the planet Onia. Marzlakia is not sure where his planet actually is, but he describes himself as “inter-dimensional.” He and those like him are now a symbiotic species now looking more human-like.

He and the other Onians escaped their planet as interstellar war refugees. They are stuck here on earth until technology can catch up and they can get home again. There may not be a home to go back to, however, as war and genocide have taken over Onia.

So who is Rubyn? He is the creation of Carl Overman. As a child, Carl did a lot of role-playing and created this character. He was working at Allens Mill when a friend asked him to get involved with the haunted house. The mill had closed and he had nothing to do so he became Freddy Krueger, but he really wanted to be an alien. Carl has never seen a UFO but said he would like to.

Carl and about 30 others take on scary identities each October and enjoy scaring the heck out of all that come through the Haunted Hangar. About 36 scenes make up the event. Some rooms are walk-by, some can be entered and some are dead-ends. And then there may be things or creatures that jump out at you. But Carl does not recommend running, as there are two sets of stairs. He also doesn’t recommend it for children: “There is loud music and a crazy clown,” Carl said.

In real life, Carl may have taken your order at Pacific Pizza. He also tells me that Onia is also a small town in Arkansas.

So if you have the nerve, head on out to the Quillayute Prairie before it is too late! Also, vote before it is too late.

Christi Baron, Editor