My friend Tim …

It was a few years ago that I arrived at work to find that one of my large windows had been broken. The offending lug nut lay on the floor with glass all around and also a note … A scribbled apology from the person who threw the lug nut was poked through the hole in the glass.

It was from Tim, I knew him in passing, had seen him around for a long time, and knew that Tim had a problem… a drug problem. I had called the police when I first came in and found the mess …did I want them to go after Tim …no … Tim already had enough problems.

As I was cleaning up the glass that day Tim came in to apologize in person. Over the next few years, Tim’s situation only appeared to get worse. But, every time I saw him …he apologized for the broken window incident. I would see him on the street and sometimes he would be put in jail for various reasons and I would see him on the Zoom editions of District Court II.

So Monday morning when a healthy and happy Tim came into my office and said, “How much would it cost to put an apology/thank you in the paper to say I appreciate the community’s patience and endurance in putting up with me all these years?”

I said it would cost nothing…

So this is it ..

Tim said that some of the things he did he really can’t even remember, “I feel bad, I did things just to survive.” He shared that he had walked in front of a car …which led him to jail which led him to his third treatment program, but it was different this time.

“While I was in jail I had time to think, the problem was me, I had tried to get clean on my own and been to two treatment places, but this time I got treated worthy, not like a dog.”

Tim said he was able to shower, eat well and there was a spiritual aspect to the program he was in, in Bremerton.

Tim also thanked Cedar Grove, my neighbor here at the Forks Forum, but sadly, they are closing their office here.

Tim says he is keeping in with God, he said having a sponsor helped and knowing …. “You are not alone.”

“I got to make amends, I need to apologize and I need to pay people back …I am on it, sobriety is fantastic.”

“I just want to thank everyone for enduring me all these years.”

The best of luck to Tim, if you see him, please congratulate him and give him encouragement to stick with it.

Christi Baron, Editor