My Journey to Health by Warren Vigill

My journey to health.....


“On September 15th this year — all my joints was aching, they were sore. I knew I was taking too much sugar; a lady in Granite Falls spoke to my pain and told me that I needed to make changes. I did. I was too sore.” Warren told me.

“That’s when I started drinking warm lemon water in the mornings and a cup of warm water with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar each day.

I cut out all processed foods, my favorite was pizza, donut and candy bars — I lost my memory for them and energy drinks and pop. They just don’t do it for me, even though I had been doing it since 1998!

I have been tobacco free for two weeks now!

I gave up alcohol eight years ago; I learned I had to get over the different depression and help myself out. After my 21st drinkin’ I was done. I just knew it was not the right way to go and I saw my parents so hurt. It took four days to recover, no personal injury, just personal growth.

When I am stressed, I go work out, lift weights, walk, go for a bike ride, listen to music, it all helps a lot.

What makes me happy? Well, being around my family and friends, they respect my changes. I have lost 15 pounds and some of my friends have gotten off sugar because of me, they are noticing a bigger difference. They know they have more energy than they had before; they are stopping processed foods and stuff!

I am leading two of my friends to be happier.

I am in less trouble now and I really love that. My moods are not so heavy — they are way better now!

The Wellness Center in Neah Bay helps quite a lot. I get acupuncture and physical therapy, a massage therapy every two weeks I get the acupuncture. I love the Wellness Center. It is calming; everybody is always in a good mood. Friendly, asking me how I’m doing. That is important. The workers there are respectful! That is one of my biggest things. Respect!

Getting away from all that processed food, when I think back on it I know it is EVIL! The body can’t process it! I think I thought I was a garbage can! It changes who you are, messes with the chemicals in your brain and makes you not the same person!

I first felt this when I was in fourth or fifth grade, I started looking for food for comfort. I was bullied a lot.

Bullying is not a good thing — it makes you feel down on yourself, it hurts people. Makes you see ‘the top’ of the world that the bully has. It makes you look for inner peace — but while you are being bullied you can’t find it!

They take your power!

They are all strung out now on drugs. Me? I’m looking up!

I’m the winner — I found my inner peace in 2011! The Photosynthesis Festival helped me to do this. There was no pointing of fingers, no one cared how you dressed, how you smelled, everybody was all one.

So now I follow them around. That is where I got my new information. That is how I changed my life!

I have pride in being one with myself!

I am slowly seeing my life purpose revealing itself. There is a lot more spiritual, helping others. Respect, what I am doing to better myself, more understanding of simplicity. Life is simple! Lot more simple now than when I was drinking energy drinks, pop, cigarettes, getting away from all that brought me back, snapped me back into the real world!

I now don’t need drama anymore. I’m over the point where I’m not looking from something new to boost the energy. I now choose my changes! I am happy with me!

Going back is not a choice. I know at that point that the past is done!”

Congratulations Warren, I am so pleased that you can share your story.  Jane