Sail Charisma

The Charisma

By Jane Hielman

Ann and Bob walked cautiously into the Co-op late this summer.

They were quickly engrossed with our stock selection and spent ages here, looking and quietly discussing the products, their origin and other aspects of tempting food and dishes they could make.

They were joined by another couple who shared their interest.

Ann came to the counter, she smiled sweetly and I asked, “Traveling?”

“No,” Ann said, and she was joined by Bob. He smiled with the deepest most satisfied look on his face.

“Just done!” he said as he smiled at Anne. She returned his smile, as their eyes met.

“We were married on our trip. A trip like we took usually breaks folk up, but we married,” she said.

“In Hawaii!”

I was now curious and  I wanted to know more.

“Tell me more!” I pleaded.

Bob handed me his card. “Go to the Internet,” he said, “It is all there! All of it!”

I was now hooked.

“Charisma is the name of the vessel. She is a Tayana 37, sound and steady” he said. “She has been our home for quite a while. We sailed out of Baja in 2011, sailed south to New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere, sailed up and down to Tahiti, New Zealand, Tahiti, New Zealand and then New Zealand to Tahiti and on to Hawaii.”

“The last leg has been the hardest. Hawaii to Neah Bay we faced storms. Wild weather all the way,” Bob said. “We were under sail the whole way! We came into Neah Bay this morning, early! We have hit the big storm and we are really happy to be in port. Our friends met us here. They have a boat that they brought through from Hawaii,” he shared.

“We are fair weather sailors,” the friends added. “We do it all by motor!”

The Co-op filled with people wanting meals. I was drawn away but Bob and Ann left their card and invited me to access their web site for the adventures of Charisma.

Bob explained with pride that Charisma’s sails are special. They are treated with a substance that was used on the old ships years back. This helps them to resist rotting and also gives a classic luxurious appearance. I encourage readers to check out the site, Bob and Ann are out of San Francisco and presently are touring around the Salish Sea, Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands.

I love my job, I meet the most interesting and adventurous people.