Spring is here! Going Off the Grid Part 11

Off the Grid chicks...in Toy-land.

It is finally time to start getting seeds planted and our greenhouse in top shape. I conned Phil into converting the start/grow racks into a place to grow all my salad greens and herbs.


I have “large” garden commitment issues. Like I said last week, I wanted to keep it small because we are busy people. I did not keep that in mind while we were at the Rusty Gate buying $102 worth of seeds.

And now … there will be a pumpkin patch for the girls! I’m kicking myself in the behind for it. I do love the fall so maybe it won’t be so bad! Actually as I am typing this, Phil has set up a table in the sunroom and is filling the start trays with soil. The seeds are being held hostage next to Daphne and I in a bag on the table so he can’t get too far.

We have our strawberry, rosemary and mint starts … sitting on the porch.

Spring showed up out of nowhere with so much rain (I need to take my vitamin D pill). The water system thing I was talking about last week; basically there will be a rain catchment system that will be built over it so the massive tank has time to fill up before the best season of them all rolls around! Hopefully we are able to get some more rain barrels to set at the ends of the greenhouse this weekend.

My mother-in-law, that saint, is ordering bees! These new bees will have a water catchment system over it as well and connected to a water barrel. I need another word besides water catchment system. All ideas are welcome!

Speaking of water, our pressure tank is now holding 28 pounds of pressure — not 26! I’m not complaining, those five long weeks with no water were H-E-double-hockey-sticks. Yes, my foul mouth just said that. I’m just as shocked as you, anyway, the girls bathe in the morning and the adults at night. The dishes can wait 😉

I’m going to cut my fingers off if I have to cut my own kindling. I’m not confident yet. I can’t leave all the work for Phil so losing a finger to the ax in the name of love should be worth it … right?

All the books we have acquired are finding their place on the walls, the shared closet and “corner thing” over there to my right. There are more in storage — many more. We have about 2,000 pounds in books, probably more.

It’s disgusting! Just KIDDING, IT’S AWESOME!

Our baby chickens arrived. I don’t really know what to do with them, so they have turned into play toys/puppies. Harper plays with them in the doll house. Riyan is the “keeper,” she handles feeds and waters them. Surprisingly, I have to keep them away from Daphne.

She wants to squeeze them, with love I’m sure. The baby chicks will live in the house for just a couple more days, then the sunroom and finally will make their way to the coop in the orchard. I swear if my chickens get eaten the first week they live in the coop, I’ll … be real upset. We found some rather large ducks up north in Arlington and I believe we will grab them over Easter weekend when we take Riyan ziplining for her birthday and visit my sister, Katie.

I am not yet a “homesteader” but I will be by next year … or the year after. I guess I better go help Phil. I can’t believe it’s already time for starts and greenhouse shenanigans.