Not This Again


By Christy Rasmussen-Ford

While cruising around Facebook the other day, I came across a post where a woman shared a photo that said, “Pray for Washington.” She added her own comment which said, “Except Forks. No one would cry if you burned up.”

She hates every single man, woman and child in our town because of the dog controversy. She preaches how bad we all are because of a situation which few of us knew about until it appeared on the news. Once the town of Forks became aware, I remember our citizens going down there to donate blankets, give food, offer help, etc. I also remember the protestors holding signs. That was all they did.

A few days before this woman wished for us all to burn, she posted a picture of a quote by Maya Angelou which read, “Hate. It has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.” I wonder if this quote was a reminder to herself because she sure needs reminding. Wishing and hoping for a town to burn down because of the actions of one person is hate.

This woman lives in an area that is also susceptible to wildfires. Yet, I have never heard anyone from Forks wishing that her town would burn down. In fact, most of us would be heartbroken if anyone’s town burned down. Why? Because we are not ugly people. We are a great town with big hearts who happened to get thrown into a controversy that none of us knew about in advance.

The area that this lady lives in also houses an alleged inhumane dairy farm. No mention of it by her anywhere. I wonder why she is not working on fixing her own area. Perhaps because the bandwagon has not arrived there yet. Once it does, I’m sure she will jump on.

As a side note; no one from Forks is protesting this supposed inhumane dairy farm because we all have enough brain cells to acknowledge that we don’t have all the facts. Maybe things posted online are not entirely true. Actually, there should be no “maybe” in that sentence. Things posted online are not entirely true … ever.

This lovely woman also posts pictures of her proudly barbecuing bear meat. Meanwhile, a few days earlier, she posted about how ALL animals deserve love. I guess all animals deserve love with the exception of the ones that taste good? I don’t know. I don’t particularly think bear meat tastes good, but that’s the only reason I don’t eat it. To each their own. I have no beef with this lady eating bear. I have beef with her hypocrisy on top of her hatred.

In conclusion, you can save and care about every dog in the world, but if you hope for an entire town to burn to the ground, you are not a good person. You are hateful.

For questions or comments, I can be reached at [email protected] Humor shall return next week.