Tidepools Magazine announces 2021 winners

Tidepools Magazine is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 art and writing contest. Thank you to all who were fearless enough to contribute your creative works. We received so many quality submissions, we wish we had space to publish them all. Our editors are still reviewing submissions for inclusion in the 2021 issue, so if your entry isn’t listed below, it may still be selected for publication.

Our editors would like to extend special thanks to our teams of judges who are made up of local artists, writers, photographers, musicians, and educators from the community and who volunteered their time to collaborate and select our winners.

The newest issue is slated for release in May and will be available in local bookstores across the Peninsula. We’re excited about the possibility of holding an in-person awards ceremony this June—details are forthcoming.

The winners are…

Adult Art & Digital Art

1st Place: HeArt Installation by Kari Hardin

2nd Place: Flow, Tabitha Pindell

3rd Place: Peruse by Ken Dry

Adult Photography

1st Place: Cline Spit Kayaker by Steven Jones

2nd Place: Lake Crescent Reflections by Dann May

3rd Place: Frog in Bloom by Al Phillips

Adult Poetry

1st Place: “A Visit to Bubba” by Nan Toby Tyrell

2nd Place: “During a Festival for Patron Saints in Romania” by Donna Morris

3rd Place: “Homeless” by Connie Kinyon

Adult Prose

1st Place: “Forever Days” by Stephen Workman

2nd Place: “Miss Kitty’s Fraud – 1892” by Mary-Ann Miller

3rd Place: “Argument” by Kristan Mabrey

PC Student Art & Digital Art

1st Place: Self-Portrait by Sophia Mahan Buonamici

2nd Place: Around the Rocks the Rugged Rascals Run by Sophia Mahan Buonamici

3rd Place: The Kraken by Angela Miller

PC Student Photography

1st Place: Dragonfly in Midair by Emily Matthiessen

2nd Place: The Pond Crowd by Emily Matthiessen

3rd Place: Morning Haze by Angela Miller

PC Student Writing

1st Place: “Blinker” by Emily Loucks

2nd Place: “Loss” by Lillian Eyl

3rd Place: “Hevel” by Emily Loucks


1st Place: “Light of Day” by Kayohti

2nd Place: “Someday” by Pharaoh & Valentine

3rd Place: “Jenna” by Katie Cobb

Youth Art 0-9

1st Place: Shipwreck Under the Sea by Veronica Shaefermeyer

Youth Art 10-13

1st Place: Alien Art by Ewan Mordecai-Smith

Youth Art 14-17

1st Place: When I Close My Eyes by Liberty Lauer

Youth Writing 0-9

1st Place: “Sugar Rush” by Anouk Atwater

Youth Writing 10-13

1st Place: “Sacrifice” by Noah Isenberg

Youth Writing 14-17

1st Place: “Autumn Reflections” by Liberty Lauer