Two Hands

When life lets you down, who will be there to pick you up or who will you allow to help you up? By now if you’ve read my articles in the past......


By John Leavitt

When life lets you down, who will be there to pick you up or who will you allow to help you up? By now if you’ve read my articles in the past, you know that I am a Christian. As I’ve said before I am far from perfect — in fact there are times that I would rather have been the drug addict or alcoholic who I counseled in the past.

Reason being, at least I’d have an excuse for messing up my life or as time would show me, learn a new life lesson. But I knew long before Christ that alcohol, drugs and such were not the answer. Because I saw that the problems most of the time were made worse for those who thought they were the answer to life’s problems.

My relationship with Christ came later in life as I’ve said and though many saw me as an angel, I was far from it. I won’t go into details, but I’ve made plenty of learning lessons for myself and many of them over and over again.

My favorite verse for so long, John Leavitt paraphrased was, in time God will make good come out of all things. I know this because I could see where God’s hand had wiped out mistakes or hard times in my life and was turning them into good.

Even today as I write this article I started wondering; am I good enough, am I worthy? I know that I am, but will the situation see me for who I am at this moment or who I can be and will be in the future as I trust God to guide me to and through the places I need to go. Only time will tell and I know that regardless of the outcome, God will be there and have my back.

My friend, life is a struggle at times as Satan will try to knock you down, especially if you truly desire to serve Christ. I’ve read in scripture that Satan will try to destroy you and that Christ wants to enhance your life to its fullest. Satan wants you believe that Christ is not the answer and that sin is OK and that there’ll be no price to pay for sin.

It is so far form the truth and I say this out of love, it will cost you dearly and could send you to the depths of Hell, but I pray not. Many have asked me how I know Christ is real and I just reply, “I just know that I know.” I then go on to share how I know and usually end up saying hopefully someday you to will feel the love of Christ like I do.

You may not be able to believe me until you know that you know that Christ is or has the answer to the question/s that you might have. When I found (accepted) Christ, He took me in and showed me a love in such a way that I can’t explain in words … I just know that I know.

What I didn’t know was that over time I would face the possibility of losing my dad, my mom, several divorces, jobs and the list goes on. Christ was there to pick me up. He used people like you the believer and nonbeliever to help me, along with the Holy Spirit and the Bible. Because of this I’ve come to know that no matter what pitch life throws at me, Christ will help me hit it out of the park if I give Him the chance to work in my life and make the right decisions, I’ll come around to score even if I am hit by the pitch.

While writing this article I was led to ask a friend how she and her family were doing as they recently have lost their daughter. She replied that some days are better than others. And that they had a good talk with some friends over the weekend and that had helped. She mentioned that in planning the memorial service and as it started to fall into place that there was healing taking place. In closing, she thanked me for my prayers and my photos as they are helping to comfort her during her loss. Tears have come once again to my eyes as I see God’s answer to a prayer from years ago when I asked for a healing ministry to help to heal a hurting world. I just never thought it would be through photography and sharing his beauty.

Just in case you might be wondering, my favorite scripture verse now is when Jesus is on the cross and He says, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Because if I myself was once a not knower, but now I know that I know.

As you know, my friend, life is not always easy and we could all use a helpful hand when we’re down or we can give someone a hand up when they are. My friend, I would ask you, who will you allow to help you up when you’re down or who can you help up? I just know I’ve tried it without Christ and with Him and I prefer with Christ, hands down. If you’ve been a part of my life believer or non-believer, I want to thank you for helping me up when I was down. And because of your help and love, I can now be Christ’s hand extended to help someone who may be hurting. Be blessed my friend.

Love, John