4th Of July Fireworks – County

Clallam County’s new Fireworks Ordinance is in effect this year. In areas of Clallam County east of the Elwha River, consumer fireworks may only be used or discharged between 9:00 a.m. and midnight on July 4th of each year.

In areas of Clallam County west of the Elwha River, consumer fireworks may be used or discharged at all times allowed pursuant to State law.

**Fireworks are banned in the cities of Sequim and Port Angeles**

I urge everyone to exercise extreme caution using legal fireworks and completely forgo the use of illegal pyrotechnic fireworks. In general, anything that explodes is illegal. Legal pyrotechnic fireworks are those that involve an open flame to light or have any material in them that burns. Sparklers, while legal, produce a shower of sparks that can easily ignite dry grass or brush that can rapidly get out of control.

Roman candle devices (some of which are legal) basically produce a stream of flaming embers that can also easily ignite dry vegetation. Bottle rockets (all of which are illegal) launch small flaming firecrackers varying distances which then detonate. The detonation can easily start a fire; in fact bottle rockets have been responsible for most firework-related grass and structure fires in Clallam County.

I urge those who still choose to discharge consumer fireworks, in spite of the danger they present, to use the utmost caution. Remember that you are responsible (civilly and possibly criminally) for the damage or fires caused by your fireworks- even if they are legal.

Legal fireworks in Washington State are known as “consumer fireworks”. Legal Consumer Fireworks do not include things like firecrackers, bottle rockets, and missiles. These illegal fireworks cause traumatic injuries and are prone to starting fires. Items like M-80s and larger, Cherry Bombs, and Tennis Ball Bombs ARE NOT FIREWORKS. These “fireworks” are actually explosives and are powerful enough to cause life-altering injuries or even death. There are over 1,000 emergencies every year in Washington State caused by fireworks.