A better life for Maggie

  • Thu May 17th, 2018 10:27am
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This is a story about Maggie …not her real name, but Maggie is the name Friends of Forks Animals (FOFA) volunteer Karen Beyer gave her when she came to the city of Forks shelter.

When FOFA volunteers Pam Winney and Karen Beyer first saw Maggie they almost cried … well, actually, they did cry. Maggie was in a miserable state; her skin, eyes, ears, toenails and just about every part of her was affected by neglect.

Dr. Pat Dowell and and her staff came to help treat Maggie. They came to the shelter three different times to assist with her care. John from Dr. Pat’s Pet Care, and Karen gave Maggie a much-needed bath. The smell from the yeast condition that Maggie had was overwhelming! It was so bad that Karen had to put cotton balls in her nose to be able to get close enough to bathe her!

Almost immediately, Maggie’s eyes starting showing signs of improvement after giving her the eye drops she was prescribed. She was also put on antibiotics. FOFA volunteers medicated her, walked her and thought what are we going to do with her?

It was suspected that Maggie also had food allergies. FOFA had her tested and she had lots of them.

During the time Maggie was with the volunteers they began to realize what a wonderful girl she was. She was well mannered, knew many commands and seemed so grateful for the good treatment she was given. Thankfully WAG, from Sequim, stepped up to the plate and took Maggie.

Friends of Forks Animals has to rely on rescues to help them move dogs on for adoption. Karen recently drove Maggie to WAG where she could get the care and rehabilitation she needed. And Karen didn’t even need the cotton balls this time … as Maggie is smelling much better!

Maggie can now run and play, her skin is healing and her hair is growing back. Sadly Maggie has one more problem that needs addressing: she has a tumor on her face that needs to be removed; it is putting pressure on her eye. FOFA and WAG are seeking donations to help this wonderful girl with surgery.

On Friday, May 18, FOFA will be at Forks Outfitters between 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Any donations received that day will be used to help cover the cost of Maggie’s surgery. Maggie even has a home waiting for her after her surgery is done, then she will get to live out the life she deserves.

Christi Baron, Editor


After … Maggie’s smile is back but she still needs help. Submitted photos

After … Maggie’s smile is back but she still needs help. Submitted photos