A Real Twilight Love Story

  • Wed Dec 4th, 2019 7:25pm
  • News

We all know that Twilight is a love story but how often has the Twilight Saga created real-life love stories, complete with happy endings? Well…

This is a love story of a young German Twilighter who met her Edward here in Forks. They married after he completed 4 years in the Air Force. They were in Forks again last week and shared a bit of their story with the Forks Forum.

Sherry and Larry Baysinger became acquainted with Chrissie’s parents, who had been to our beautiful area before Twilight was big. When Chrissie was 18 she really wanted to see the Twilight town of Forks. The Baysingers met when Chrissie’s parents dropped her off at their place for Sherry to take her on a horseback ride looking for “Edward’s Meadow.”

Sherry said, “Well, we didn’t find Edward’s Meadow, but we found we had a lot in common with our love of horses. She had a horse in Germany. We kept in touch and before the following summer she asked if she could come and help me with horseback rides. She seemed to be quite mature and reliable, so I said yes.

“We had only spent a couple of hours together riding so I barely remembered what she looked like when I drove to the Port Angeles Airport to pick her up. She showed up, smiling and ready to ride. She spent three summers working with us and we had many adventures all over the Olympics on horseback with clients.”

During her third summer, Chrissie became acquainted with Mark Weltz, whose family had moved to Forks from Alaska. Marks’ father had been the principal at Forks. Mark had joined the Air Force so when he graduated and left here, they kept writing to each other and meeting up whenever her college education allowed her a break and when he had leave.

They married in Germany five years ago. Chrissie was hoping Mark might get stationed in Germany but ended up in Minot North Dakota! Chrissie is a doctor and Mark teaches English, and the couple lives in Marburg, Germany.

Chrissie fell in love with western riding and was able to purchase and ship a beautiful Mustang to Germany. She had seen this horse in North Dakota where Mark was stationed.

The couple stopped to visit the Baysingers last week and made a trip to the beach, before heading to Montana to celebrate Thanksgiving with family.