Award Winning …Forks Elks

In July Mike Leavitt, ER and Lynne Barnes, PER of Forks Elks Lodge accepted the All American Lodge Award at the Elks National Convention in Atlanta, GA.

To be considered for this honor, a lodge must complete 61 items – each item earning various points. Items range from a gain in membership, Veterans Program, hoop shoot and soccer shoot participation to awarding lodge scholarships and grants for community involvement such as the Free Western Themed play day (Hoedown) put on this past weekend, July 30, for the children of the community; support of our local West end food banks, local veterans support and so much more.

The category the Forks Lodge fit in is a membership of approximately 210 to 330 members. “We were a very busy lodge in the year 2021-2022 earning 892 points. We are very proud of our previous ER Lynne Barnes and current ER Mike Leavitt as well as the multitude of busy busy members making all of this possible.”