Candidate for Clallam County Sheriff speaks at WEBPA

  • Fri Jun 22nd, 2018 2:49pm
  • News

Jim McLaughlin recently spoke to the members of the West End Business and Professional Association in Forks. McLaughlin is looking to be the next Sheriff of Clallam County.

McLaughlin was born in Vermont, has been active in scouting his entire life, spent time in the US Coast Guard eventually ending up in Port Angeles. He later worked at the Clallam County jail and spent five years as a detective for the Sheriff’s Office. “I have worked on just about every type of crime except child abduction, and I am glad I missed that one.” McLaughlin shared.

McLaughlin says he see three areas that need fixing at the Sheriff’s Office; Crime, guns, and victims.

He said for crime, if he was elected, he would implement a working relationship with area pawn shops, something he did before when working for the CCSO. “It would help shut down drug/property crime when stolen items are fenced, if pawn shop owners had a list, we could eliminate that market,” McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin said there is a major flaw in our counties gun background check program. “We are missing a step that a simple phone call could fix and it is not being done now.” McLaughlin said this loophole needs to be eliminated. “Not all convictions go to the National Crime Information Center, the clerk at the CCSO needs to call the clerk at the county.”

McLaughlin shared that he feels not enough is done for victims of domestic violence, “When there is a DV call somebody goes to jail and the other person gets a brochure, we need to take care of victims, that is the image I want for CCSO.”

“We shouldn’t leave victims isolated and alone,” McLaughlin said. “It might eliminate going to a DV house again and again.”

McLaughlin said he promises to make Callam County a safe, clean county.

Questions followed regarding not enough deputies for the West End, dash cams, and public disclosure issues. McLaughlin shared he would eliminate the boat the department currently has, “We need a boat for lake rescues, but we have the coast guard for more difficult ocean rescues, we could hire another deputy for what that the current boat costs the county,” McLaughlin shared.

McLaughlin said he feels the sheriff needs to be out and about in the community, “The Sheriff serves all the people of Clallam County.”