Daily Calls – West End – Police, Fire and EMT

March 6

Traffic complaint Brower St., weapons discharge Elk Corner, suspicious activity Hwy 101 N., building check La Push.

March 7

9-1-1 hangup Founders Way, 9-1-1 hangup La Push, fraud Clallam Bay, animal complaint Trillium, citizen assist S. Forks Ave., patrol La Push, trespass La Push, prowler Camas Ave.

March 8

Mutual aid Spartan Ave., theft Camas Ave., medical E. Division St., 9-1-1 hangup Trillium, trespass S. Forks Ave., trespass G St.

March 9

Civil Riviera, animal abuse Calawah Way, medical Sol Duc Way, suspicious activity La Push, animal complaint S. Forks Ave., warrant attempt La Push, explosion, building check Mora Rd., civil Clallam Bay, building check La Push, medical Bogachiel Way.

March 10

9-1-1 hangup La Push, drug violation S. Forks Ave., medical Clallam Bay, weapons violation Neah Bay, warrant attempt La Push, found property Founders Way, explosion, sex offender monitoring multiple locations Forks and Beaver, citizen contact La Push.

March 11

Disturbance Founders Way, injured animal Russell Rd., theft 950 S. Forks Ave., traffic stop S. Forks Ave., building check Beaver, traffic stop E. E St., policing Camas Ave., animal noise Calawah Way.

March 12

Public works Terra Eden St., civil La Push, citizen contact S. Forks Ave., 9-1-1 hangup S. Forks Ave., theft 950 S. Forks Ave., explosion, 9-1-1 hangup Mayberry St., patrol request Mora Rd., trespass Bogachiel Way, policing Elk Corner Rd., violation court order Robin Hood Loop.