Disoriented hunter causes school lock-down

  • Fri Feb 1st, 2019 12:49pm
  • News

Last Thursday morning about 10:30 a.m. a report came in that an individual with a rifle was near school grounds. The Forks Police Chief issued the following statement regarding that situation:

“The City of Forks’ Police Department, the Clallam County Sheriff’s Department, and Washington State Patrol deployed to the Quillayute Valley School District in response to a report of a strange man with a gun being on the school campus. At the same time, the QVSD placed their campus on lockdown pursuant to district policy.

Officers arrived within less than two minutes and located the individual in question. The individual was wearing hunting attire with a bright orange hunting vest; his face painted with camo, and carrying a shotgun slung over his shoulder. The officers detained the hunter, identified him, and proceeded to ask about his presence at the school.

During that discussion, the hunter noted that he was tired, disoriented, lost, and possibly dehydrated having hiked out of the nearby forested hills to the SE of the school. The individual realized only after being contacted by law enforcement that he had crossed onto a school campus. Chief Rowley met with the QVSD superintendent and explained what had happened with the hunter. Both the Chief and the Superintendent felt that the matter was properly resolved based upon the information obtained from the disoriented hunter.”

Superintendent Diana Reaume also sent out a reverse phone message to parents regarding what had taken place and that the issue was dealt with and resolved in a short matter of time.

There has been special permitted hunting taking place in the Forks area.

The WDFW Hunter Pamphlet described the special hunt as follows:

Antlerless Elk Hunt – Forks

This hunt is intended to address the growing elk population in and around the City of Forks. Hunters who are interested in applying for this hunt should be aware of the following:

While elk are highly visible in the area, most of the areas where elk are commonly seen are not open to hunting or access is extremely limited. This is a firearms restricted hunt. Check the regulations pamphlet to see what hunting methods are allowed.

This permit does not allow the holder to hunt within the City of Forks. Public lands are extremely limited.

Some surrounding timber lands require a permit to access. The area open to hunt is mostly private and access is extremely limited. If you do not have access arranged, consider not putting in for the hunt.

When considering this hunt, hunters should scout the area and are advised to use WDFW maps, as well as county maps to determine property ownership.

Hunters who draw this permit should use the highest of hunting ethics while on this hunt.