DNR responds to Mayor’s SEPA extension request

With regard to the letter Forks Mayor Tim Fletcher sent to the DNR a few weeks ago about the extension of the SEPA comment period, the following is the DNR response.

September 30, 2022

Mayor Tim Fletcher

City of Forks

Subject: Request to extend the SEPA comment period for the proposed carbon project

Dear Mayor Fletcher:

DNR has received your request to extend the SEPA comment period for the proposed carbon project from 14 days to 90 days but has determined that extension is not necessary for this project.

The proposed carbon project would defer from harvest approximately 10,000 acres of timber for 40 years, and instead generate revenue by leasing those acres for carbon sequestration on the voluntary carbon market. No adverse impacts to the environment are anticipated because the intent of the project is to allow those forests to continue to grow – ground disturbing activity would not occur on the deferred acres.

Your request for an extension focuses on economic impacts associated with the potentia140-year deferral. SEPA is not intended as a financial analysis tool. Instead, SEPA focuses on potential environmental impacts. The difference in income potential between harvesting these acres for timber versus leasing for carbon markets will be analyzed once parcels are identified and that information will be brought before the board, because that economic analysis requires some site specific information.

DNR remains committed to being open and transparent as we continue to work through development of this project, and the SEPA process is only the first of many steps in that work.


Duane Emmons

Deputy Supervisor for State Uplands (Acting)

cc: SEPA Center

Rod Fleck, Attorney. City of Forks