Family First Aid Night

Quileute Head Start will host a Family First Aid Night at the Akalat in La Push from 6-8 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 16.

No one can predict when a severe injury will happen to their child, so the goal of this event is to give families the tools to save lives and minimize the lasting impact of the injury.

Everyone is welcome to join in for a night dedicated to educating families on how to treat or respond to medical emergencies and situations with children. There will be 10 different teams of presenters that will be present to speak about, and demonstrate techniques on, the following topics: choking/obstructed airway, CPR, severe bleeding, burns, hypothermia, broken bones, car safety/accidents, seizures, water safety, fire safety, car seat safety/car seat checks, concussion, medicine usage, Poison Control and first aid kits. There also will be prize raffles.