FIS March Students of the Month


Student of the Month — Dayrin Recinos

Dayrin (Di reen) Recinos has been nominated for the fourth-grade Student of the Month Award. Dayrin is the daughter of Veronica Valencia and Oscar Recinos. She has three siblings: Litzy, Stephanie and Oscar. Dayrin is a conscientious student who always tries her best, stays focused, completes her school and homework on time, and is a good friend to everyone around her. She is an exemplary example of a scholar to all students around her.

Dayrin’s favorite school subject is reading. She has especially enjoyed our recent research project where she studied fossils, took notes and wrote a research-based narrative. Her story is about a dinosaur fossil that comes to life, scaring all around it. Dayrin plans to use her skills learned at school to eventually become a nurse. She would really enjoy helping others get well when they are sick.

When she is not at school, Dayrin loves to play outside with her sister Litzy. They often ride around their neighborhood on their scooters. She also regularly plays with her best friend Marys (Mu rees). They prefer to ride on their bikes when they get together. Marys says that Dayrin is always friendly. When playing together, Dayrin always invites both her and Marys’ sisters to play with them. She doesn’t complain and includes everyone in her plans. When Dayrin plays on the computer, she willingly shares her time with her friend Marys. According to Marys, Dayrin is a kind and faithful friend.

Congratulations, Dayrin, on a job well done this, and every month, of school at Forks Intermediate School.

There was no write up for Sawyer Graham, fourth grade Student of the Month.

Fifth grade

student of the Month — Jordan Dominguez

Jordan Dominguez is a fifth-grade student in Mrs. Johansen’s homeroom class. Jordan enjoys going to ELA with Ms. Lewis. She really likes working hard in her class. Writing stories and examining books for text evidence is challenging but fun at the same time. She also enjoys science with Mr. Johansen. She is studying force and motion in class. Jordan has enjoyed the science videos that explain force and motion. Her very favorite thing from this year was the visit from Nature Bridge scientists. When at home, Jordan really enjoys doing arts and crafts. Drawing is her favorite activity. Jordan also enjoys spending time with her dad, Jordan. She lives with her grandma Rosa, her grandpa Chave, sister Autumn, her dad Jordan, and uncle Alfredo. Jordan also has a cat and dog that she enjoys playing with. Jordan enjoys playing soccer with her family after school. Jordan says she is a hard worker and is really trying hard to learn this year. Her teachers have noticed that she is asking very good questions, working very hard and learning very quickly. Great job.

Fifth grade

Student of the Month — Gage Romberg

Gage Romberg is a fifth-grade student in Mrs. Johansen’s homeroom. Gage’s favorite subject is science with Mr. Johansen. His favorite topic has been working with Snap Circuits (which were provided by a grant from the Hull Foundation). Gage designed a flying saucer. He also enjoys writing stories. He recently went to the Young Writers conference in Port Angeles. He was able to share his story with kids from all across the peninsula. In math, his favorite part of the class is number talk. Students are given a problem and Mrs. Johansen waits until students have mentally solved the problem. She then picks some one to share their solution and she records it with the document camera. He really enjoys sharing his ideas. At home, Gage enjoys spending time in the woods and hunting with his BB gun. Gage also goes hound hunting on the weekend with his dad. Gage plays baseball in the spring and hopes to be a pitcher this season. Gage lives with his dad, Wesley and his mom Cassie and his sister Faith. Gage has a dog named Max but he is not a hunting dog! He also has a cat, Baily, several chickens, three turkeys and one pony. Gage says he is working hard in all his classes. His teachers have noticed how hard he works. He is asking for help as needed, and he is paying attention. Great job.

Sixth grade

Student of the Month — Kyra Neel

Kyra Neel is a sixth-grader at Forks Intermediate School. Kyra is 12 years old and the daughter of Jennifer Neel and James Neel. She describes herself as nice, strong, tall and funny. Kyra is a friendly, happy and hardworking student. She likes science and writing stories at school. Her favorite subjects at FIS are P.E. and recess. Kyra has a passion for sports. She plays fastpitch, basketball and volleyball, and loves to watch them, too. She is the most happy when she is riding quads, riding bikes and doing gymnastics. When she’s not playing sports, Kyra enjoys a relaxing swim at the lake, hanging out and playing with her sisters and baby cousin, and spending time with her dog Oakly and cat, Loaky. Her favorite family times are going to the river and taking trips. Someday, Kyra would like to travel to see a kangaroo in Australia, to see sharks in Hawaii, and see bobsleds in Canada. Kyra’s favorite movie is “Monsters Inc.,” favorite book is the “Ray Family Cookbook,” favorite food is Homemade Cheesy Bread, and favorite movie is “American Ninga Warrior.” With Kyra’s hard work and perseverance, someday, we fully expect to see Kyra playing sports and being a huge success at it. With her great upbeat attitude, what team would not be thrilled to have her. Congratulations Kyra!

Sixth grade

Student of the Month — Nik Kelley

Nik Kelley is a sixth-grader at Forks Intermediate School. Nik is 12 years old and the son of Tracy Kelley-Rios and Ancelmo Rios. A fun fact about Nik is that he was named after a soap opera actor! Nik is an outgoing, respectful student with a great attitude. His cheery “You Matters” makes everyone smile. He describes himself as funny, loud, creative and smart. He really likes adventures, excitement and laughing. His favorite subject in school is ELA because he likes to read. When Nik is not in school he likes to make games and play them. He is also very good at drawing. When he is with his family he loves to go camping and eat! Nik also enjoys using the laptop and playing with his two dogs and a cat. He also can cook a great bowl of Ramen. Nik’s favorite movie is “Beyond Time,” favorite book is “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” favorite food is mushroom lasagna and favorite TV program is “Attack on Titan” and watching Manga. He also would like to see Studio Ghibli and watch Season 2 of “Married to the Unidentified.” Someday, Nik would like to travel to Japan and Iceland. Nik is a great young man full of creativity and humor. He is a friend to many and makes others smile. Watch out world, here comes Nik! Congratulations Nik!