FMS April Students of the Month

5th Grade: Waylon Thiel

Waylon is an all-around great person. Waylon’s favorite color is orange. His favorite food is tacos. He likes squirrels and math. In his free time Waylon enjoys hunting. Waylon enjoys school because he likes to learn new things. This year Waylon wants to improve his i-Ready math scores. Waylon’s math teacher commented,”

Waylon is a committed student whose active participation in math helps him gain new knowledge and retain it. He works hard to stay caught up in his work. Waylon has a positive attitude, a good sense of humor, and is well liked by teachers and peers alike.” A different staff member was eager to share, “If I had to pick a kid to survive in the wild with, it would be Waylon. He has more survival skills then any kid his age, let alone most grownups. Waylon is also a very caring friend. He goes out of his way to make kids feel seen and included. I appreciate his thoughtfulness and his situational awareness when he sees kids struggling and goes out of his way to include them in activities. “ Waylon’s band teacher noted, “Waylon is a good percussionist! And he has a great smile!” Waylon would like to thank Mrs.Echeita(his math teacher) for supporting him. Nicely done Waylon.

6th Grade: Marely Calmo

Marely was chosen as student of the month because she is always respectful and responsible. Marely’s favorite color is purple. Her favorite food is enchiladas. She likes horses and parrots. Her favorite subject is math. In her freetime, Marely enjoys painting. Marely likes school because she knows it will help her in the future. She knows school will help her get a degree and her dream job. This year Marely wants to get good grades and learn more about how to do things in school and outside of school. Marely’s teacher noted, “Marely deserves to be student of the month! She is a hard working student and has the best sense of humor. Thank you for making our class fun and engaging.” Another teacher said, “Marely is an exemplary student. She is respectful and always focused in class.” One teacher asked students why Marely deserves to be student of the month and they said Marely is helpful, kind, friendly, caring, smart, and has a wicked sense of humor. Marely would like to thank her parents for always supporting her. Keep up the good work Marely!

7th Grade: Martin Chavira Paz

Martin has been a great addition to Forks Middle School this year! Martin likes the color green. His favorite food is Chile Relleno. His favorite animal is a turtle. His favorite subject this year is PE and in his free time he likes to play soccer. Martin reported that he likes school because he has fun at school and he can be with his friends. At school Martin likes to play sports like soccer, basketball, and football. Martin’s teacher commented, “He is a friend to everyone and constantly makes his peers laugh. Despite a language barrier he consistently turns in high quality work and always strives to succeed.” Another teacher noted, “Martin has a positive outlook every day and puts effort into anything he does. His confidence and willingness to work hard will take him far in life. Glad to have you here at FMS, Martin, keep up the good work.” Finally, “Martin always has a smile on his face, and his joy is contagious.” Martin would like to thank Ms. Ayers and Mr. Barragan for their support. We are so happy you are here Martin!

8th Grade: Kolton Cornish

Kolton has been selected as student of the month many times because he is such a great student and person. Kolton’s favorites include the color navy blue, sushi, history, his cat Everest, and hiking in his freetime. Kolton likes school because he gets to hang out with friends. Kolton also likes school because it provides a learning opportunity. This year he wanted to get student of the month twice. Kolton’s teacher reported, “Kolton is so kind to everyone and never has anything negative to say. He is always willing to step out of his comfort zone and get things done! He has been an exceptional leadership student and I will miss him next year.” Another teacher said, “Kolton is very friendly to all he is in contact with. He is respectful and courteous to his peers and the adults in his world, as far as I can see. He also cares very much about doing his best work in class, no matter what we are doing.” Kolton’s science teacher believes, “Kolton is a wonderful student. He is friendly and kind, he always asks for help when he needs it and he often goes above and beyond with his work. He is careful and detailed and helps others. He is a great leader when he is working with a team in Science.” A final word from a different teacher, “Kolton is a team player both in and out of the classroom. He is very involved with the Forks STEM Rovers underwater robotics club. He is an outstanding student who consistently produces high quality work. Well done Kolton!” Kolton sends a shout-out to Mr. Burton for supporting him. Thank you Kolton for just being you!