Forks Middle School – Students of the Month

Arsenio Bravo-Cruz is a sixth grade student and his parents are Arsenio and Carmela Bravo and he was chosen by his peers. They said he is a strong leader in his table team, he is polite & courteous to everyone, he takes pride in his work, and sets a great example of respect and responsibility to his classmates.


Arsenio enjoys drawing, watching TV, building things with Legos and his hobby is drawing.


Breana Jacobson is a sixth grade student and her parents are Angela and Michael Jacobson.  Breana was chosen by her classmates because she always takes part in class discussions, she does her work and works well with a partner.  Breana is also kind and polite to others.   


Breana enjoys reading, math, science, school and listening to music.  Her hobbies are playing with her sister and being with her family.


Marshal Grant is in the seventh grade in Mr. McIrvin’s block class and his parents are Lori and Eric Shields.  Marshal was nominated by his classmates because he is good at his school work, is funny, kind and will help others who are being bullied.


Marshal enjoys sports, hanging out with his friends, math, talking a whole bunch, joking around with family and friends and his hobbies are being a comedian, playing sports, photography and most of all just being Marshal.


Amber Hoagland is in the seventh grade in Mr. McIrvin’s block class and her parents are Gene and Paula Hoagland.  Amber was chosen by her peers because she gets her work done, is respectful and always goes the extra mile.  She is polite and does what is right.  Amber enjoys sports, school, reading and hanging out with friends and her hobbies are talking and being Amber.


Jessi Paul is an eighth grader in Mr. Lether and Mrs Siegfords classes and her parents are Bruce and Shelley Paul.  Jessi is responsible and gets her work done, actively participates in class and consistently gets good grades.  Jessi enjoys playing basketball and volleyball and hanging out with her friends and family and she loves riding quads with her friends and family.


Braxton Fouts is an eighth grader in Mr. Lether and Mrs. Siegfords classes and his parents are Kevin and Patti Fouts.  Braxton was chosen by his peers because he is responsible, works well with others and does high quality work, he is respectful and very organized….and he actively participates in all his classes.  


Braxton enjoys hiking, hunting, snow skiing and classic rock.  His hobbies are drawing and collecting lots of old things.


The Soroptimists International of the Olympic Rain Forest are boosters for the Forks Middle School student body and provided this information.


Students are chosen by their peers and teachers for the Student of the Month event.  Soroptimists adopted Forks Middle School  in 2011 to provide positive rewards to students who consistently make good choices and display respect and responsibility.  Soroptimists also help to provide better communication beween the school and parents with the monthly newsletter, The Warrior Word that is produced by a Soroptimist member.  


Congratulations to these FMS Students of the Month who received a certificate, a $20 gift card to Barnes & Noble at the Warrior Pride Assembly.