Forks Police Department Daily Calls for Service

  • Wed Dec 12th, 2018 2:49pm
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Forks Police Department Daily Calls for Service

Nov. 25

Trespass Spartan Ave., patrols Sitkum-Sol Duc Rd., business check 181 Bogachiel Way, vehicle accident 600 block Calawah Way, alarm Founders Way, suspicious person/vehicle Blackberry Ave.

Nov. 26

Traffic hazard Prairie Dr., medical Trillium Ave., traffic hazard La Push Rd., civil Blackberry Ave., business check La Push Rd.

Nov. 27

Alarm 5th Ave., traffic hazard Converse Way, traffic complaint La Push Rd., burglary 1800 block Calawah Way, suspicious person/vehicle Elk Corner Rd., DUI-DWI N. Forks Ave., brush fire 2600 block Calawah Way, civil Russell Rd., patrols Spartan Ave.

Nov. 28

Business checks; Forks Post office, A St., 181 Bogachiel Way, patrol N. Forks Ave., citizen motor assist Hwy 101 N., patrols Spartan Ave., civil 2700 block Calawah Way, trespass Founders Way, threats/harassment Terra Eden, violation Court order 2600 Block Calawah Way, civil Tyee Ridge Rd., business check Hwy 101 S., civil Robin Hood Loop.

Nov. 29

Citizen motor assist 7th Ave., abandoned vehicle 3200 block Calawah Way, citizen contact Hwy 101 N., violation court order 800 block Division St., welfare check Maxfield Homestead Rd., fraud 800 block Division St., civil Founders Way, citizen motor assist Tillicum Lane, civil Trout Ave., erratic vehicle Bogachiel Way, citizen contact N. Forks Ave., suspicious person/vehicle 900 block N. Forks Ave., civil Tyee Ridge Rd., medical Fernhill Rd., suspicious person/vehicle 80 Calawah Way.

Nov. 30

Recovered stolen property Hwy 101 N., violation court order 900 block S. Forks Ave., suspicious person/vehicle 1000 Block Calawah Way, patrols 900 Block Merchant Rd., medical St. Francis circle, trespass 300 Block S. Forks Ave.

Dec. 1

Citizen contact and business check 900 Block Merchant Rd., found property Wilson Rd., electrical fire 2600 Block Calawah Way, medical Brendon Circle, civil Robbins Rental Rd., patrols Calawah Way, welfare check 600 Block Calawah Way, business check Hwy 101 S.

Dec. 2

Business Check Huckleberry Lane, business check Spartan Ave., trespass Spartan Ave., patrols Sol Duc Way, traffic patrols 1000 Quillayute Rd., patrols Delta Wing, citizen contact Delta Wing, smoke investigation Founders Way, trespass Sheriff’s Hideaway, suspicious person J St., lost property Hwy 101 S., medical Founders Way.

Dec. 3

Patrols J St., animal found Shuwah Rd., suspicious person/vehicle 1600 block Bogachiel Way, business checks Ash Ave. and W. E St., patrols Big Pine Way, frequent patrols J St., business check S. Forks Ave., death investigation Calawah Way, suspicious/vehicle person Fir Ave.

Dec. 4

Alarm Spartan Ave., propane leak Hwy 101 N., warrant S. Forks Ave., assault Spartan Ave., civil Sherwood Ave., welfare check 5th Ave., animal stray Klahndike Blvd., burglary J St., suspicious person/vehicle Nelson Rd., alarm Spartan Ave., alarm Elderberry Ave.

Dec. 5

Vehicle accident 200 block N. Forks Ave., frequent patrols requested Nelson Rd., civil Perry St., business check G St., civil Fletcher St., animal noise Mora Rd., threats S. Forks Ave., traffic complaint Sheriff’s Hideaway, alarm Spartan Ave., Theft 300 block Bogachiel Way, business check Spartan Ave.

Dec. 6

Disturbance Founders Way, animal noise Founders Way, assault and medical call 171 N. Forks Ave., medical 600 Block Calawah Way, frequent patrols Mora Rd., medical Elk Corner Rd., citizen contact Sol Duc Way, medical Bogachiel Way.

Dec. 7

Patrols Spartan Ave., smoke investigation Chuckhole Way, threats/harassment 500 block S. Forks Ave., alarm S. Forks Ave., patrols Camas Ave., suspicious person/vehicle Founders Way, suspicious person/vehicle Calawah Way.