Free Senior Luncheon

The Forks Congregational Church is providing a Free Senior Luncheon on Wednesday, Sept. 13. This is our last BBQ luncheon of the summer as we will be getting back to our more traditional menu until next summer.

The menu for the luncheon is homemade BBQ hamburgers or chicken burgers with potato salad, and other salads, baked beans, ice cream with topping, and drinks.

The doors open at noon and lunch is served at 12:30 p.m. This is a great time to meet new people in the community, have a great lunch, and share fellowship. The Congregational Church is located at 280 S. Spartan Ave.

Nobody looking for a meal is turned away. We have takeout containers for those who don’t want to sit and eat or have a loved one back home who can’t attend. The takeout containers will be filled after the people who are attending in person are fed. The Congregational Church is known for its good home cooking and great atmosphere. Please take time and join us for good food and fellowship at the Senior Luncheon.

Blessings Pastor Warren Johnson and the Congregation