Hoschar now a ham …

Eleven-year-old Jacob Hoschar’s amateur radio call sign is KY7HAM. For those that are not familiar with ham radio, this means he passed his general license test! He now holds an amateur radio operator general license!

Jacob’s dad Andrew said, “I am beyond proud to let everyone know that his call sign will temporarily be KY7HAM/AG until the FCC updates its database.”

He added, “This is HUGE! He studied for over a year, worked his butt off, and stuck to it. If anyone is curious about how much is involved in earning a general license, Google search “amateur radio operator general license practice exam” and try one out. It’s a lot of information for anyone to take in, let alone an 11-year-old kid!”

Jacob and Andrew wish Pete Haubrick was still alive to be able to tell the news to, “but we know he’s watching from heaven and very proud of Jacob.”

Out of 7.61 million people living in Washington state, there are currently 8,134 that hold a ham radio general license. Jacob is one of them.