Impaired Driving Emphasis

  • Thu Aug 12th, 2021 1:54pm
  • News

Law Enforcement in Clallam and Jefferson Counties will engage in high visibility enforcement campaigns in mid-August to proactively curb Impaired Driving.

The Montana State University Center for Health and Safety’s 2018 survey found that 83 percent of adults believe it is unacceptable to drive within two hours of consuming alcohol or cannabis.

Also, 80 percent of adults in a situation to intervene take action to prevent impaired driving.

Even still, our Olympic Peninsula community experiences an average of 11 deaths per year in traffic crashes. More than half of those involved impaired drivers, with cannabis and multiple-substance impairments on the rise.

These tragedies are preventable, and it begins with each one of us. For yourself, have a safety plan (sober driver, place to stay, all that jazz). For others, be a friend—help someone who is impaired and about to drive make a safer alternative decision.

If your intervention does not succeed, call 911 and we will try to intervene before tragedy strikes.

This August, local Law Enforcement will be out on extra patrols to detect impaired driving. Please avoid our attention and hospitality by making safe plans for yourself, and by helping other do the same.

Inspector Joshua Ley, CCSO