Mysteries …

During the freezing weather, a few weeks ago, someone left a bag of items in the back of a local person’s vehicle near downtown Forks. The finder of the items was quite puzzled about the why and who that could have done this. The finder was concerned that someone was missing their clothing etc. so the finder reached out on social media to see if the owner of the items would respond so the items could be returned. When nobody stepped up to claim the items the Forks Police Department was also contacted but, was unable to help as no personal info was in the bag.

Since the bag had gotten wet and then frozen the items were a bit of a mess. The only thing that was of interest that might help identify the owner was a camera card.

The finder took the camera card and to her surprise, there were photos on it. She thought she recognized a person in the photos but she did not personally know them …so she contacted the Forks Forum.

I recognized several of the people in the photo right away, one was Birdie James. I helped the finder get in contact with Birdie and she got the card to her. Birdie, is shocked and mystified regarding how, where, and who had this card. Since the photos are from 12 years ago.

Birdie stopped by the Forks Forum office last Friday and asked for help. “Who had this card all these years?” “Where has this card been?” Birdie has lots of questions. Some of the photos are also from her job working at Kalaloch in the visitor’s office. So I am sharing one of the photos here that was taken outside Birdie’s home …if anyone has any clue about this mystery …Birdie would love to know. I would love to know too!

Christi Baron, Editor