November Students of the Month

  • Wed Dec 5th, 2018 2:20pm
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Kaidence Rigby is 7th Grade Girl of the Month. Her parents are Sarah Romberg and Ryan Rigby. Her favorite subjects in school are Social Studies and Science, and her favorite hobbies are fastpitch, volleyball, and horseback riding. She also loves riding quads and going camping, and her dream job is to be a horse trainer.

Staff at FJH report that Kaidence is trustworthy, respectful, friendly, kind, enthusiastic, joyful, and helpful to both students an staff. Her Science teacher said, “Kaidence is a prime example of what it means to be student of the month. She is a reliable lab partner because she follows directions, pays attention, and always asks for help.” Another teacher said, “Kaidence is one of the hardest working 7th graders. She goes the extra mile and does it all with a positive attitude. She is capable of doing anything in life because of her work ethic and drives to do better and learn more!” Congratulations on earning Student of the Month, Kaidence!

Kevin Udave Ramos is 7th Grade Boy of the Month. His mom was Crisanta Ramos Cruz, and his stepmother is Lesley Hoare. His favorite subjects in school are Math and Scimatec, his favorite food is Chinese food, and his favorite hobby is playing soccer. His dream job is to be a soccer player or a pilot. Staff report that Kevin is a wonderful student and friend; he is cheerful, attentive, helpful, respectful, and responsible. He follows directions well, listens intently in class, and works hard at every assignment.

His Science teacher said, “Kevin is a great lab partner to his classmates because he does such quality work in his assignments. He is always cheerful and greets me with a smile and hello.” Another teacher said, “Kevin is also one of our hardest working 7th graders. He makes sure his work is always something he is proud of before he turns it in, asks excellent questions, and advocates for himself. I am proud of him.” Congratulations on winning Student of the Month, Kevin!

Morgan Rule is 8th Grade Girl of the Month. Her parents are Rebecca Rule and Archie Jefferson. Her favorite subjects in school are ELA and Leadership. Her favorite hobbies are reading and playing volleyball and soccer. Her dream job is to be a pilot or an architect. Her Band teacher said, “I look forward to having Morgan in class every day. She is a ray of sunshine and tries her best. She perseveres with extreme ‘stick-to-it-ness’!”

Another teacher said, “Morgan Rule has grown so much as a person this year. She is constantly pushing herself out of her comfort zone; she went from a quiet bookworm in the back corner to singing the National Anthem at a district-wide assembly. Her courage is an inspiration to everyone.” Congratulations on winning Student of the Month, Morgan!

Ryan Rancourt is 8th Grade Boy of the Month. His dad is Allen Rancourt. His favorite subject in school is Science, and his favorite food is steak. His favorite things to do outside of school are hunting, fishing, and playing basketball, and his dream job is to be a fishing guide.

Staff report that Ryan is a positive student who is dedicated to the learning process, enthusiastic about helping others, and always ready with a joke. One teacher said, “Ryan is one of those great jovial old souls; he really surprises me with a humor that is insightful, yet kind.

I admire how nice he is to everyone and how hard he has worked to be a better mathematician.” Another teacher said, “Ryan has been such an amazing student this year. He is careful and thoughtful in his work, and he pushes himself to own his learning process. I am quite proud of Ryan and have really enjoyed his positive attitude and wonderful, positive influence in class.” Congratulations on winning Student of the Month, Ryan!

The Student of the Month project is sponsored by Soroptimist International of the Olympic Rain Forest (SIORF). Students of the Month are chosen by their teachers and honored with their parents at school for consistently displaying respect and responsibility for their behavior and academic achievement and always making good choices.

Congratulations to these Student for

being selected by their teacher for November Students of the Month!