Onto Our Next Adventure

By Eram’e Tost

and Kendall Marshall

The 2023–24 school year is coming to an end, but it has been a thrilling and exciting adventure bringing back a student-run newspaper to Forks High School. From learning the tricks and trades of journalistic writing to publishing twenty articles and completing six volumes of the Spartan Spectator, it has been an eventful year.

Along the way, we have included new aspects in our newspaper, such as selecting Spectator Stars each month and hearing new perspectives from the students of FHS through Spartan Submissions. As a team of two, our hope was to create an unbiased newspaper representing the highlights of FHS while also writing about our community. Once we got up and running, journalism had the opportunity to send bi-weekly articles to Christi Baron to be published in the Forks Forum. This was truly an honorable experience.

Kendall Marshall and myself, Eram’e Tost, will be saying goodbye to the Spartan Spectator as we begin our new journey in life. We hope for this student-run newspaper to continue to blossom, allowing other students to find just as much joy in writing articles as we did. We would like to thank Forks High School staff for allowing this class to come to life, the students at FHS for reading the newspaper, Christi Baron for the opportunity for our articles to be published in the Forks Forum, as well as the community for reading and supporting the Spartan Spectator. But for now, farewell.