Park View Villas Invites Federal Workers for Lunch

PORT ANGELES – Village Concepts of Port Angeles, Park View Villas, invites our neighbors who are furloughed or working without pay during the government shut-down to join us for lunch, beginning Friday, Jan. 25.

For the duration of the federal government shut-down, Park View Villas will host, for no charge, up to ten guests per day for the mid-day meal in their Atrium Dining Room.

Beth Pratt, Community Relations Director, said, “The impact of the government shut down on our town is growing, especially as the next zero-dollar pay-day approaches this Friday. We want to help. The least we can do is to invite our neighbors over for a meal, and we look forward to making new friends along the way.”

Park View Villas will be able to accommodate ten guests per day. To take advantage of this offer, all that our local Coast Guard, National Park, and other impacted federal workers need to do is call 360-452-7222 to reserve their seat, and bring some form of identification to indicate that they are a federal employee.

Guest reservations will be taken for 12:30 PM.

“Our front desk is ready to take reservations!” said Pratt. “Our mid-day meal is our larger meal of the day, with two entrees and different side items prepared fresh, every day, and each meal includes dessert and choice of beverages. The residents are great hosts, too, and are ready to welcome our neighbors.”

Upon arrival, guests are asked to check-in at the front desk so that the staff may seat them at their reserved table.

For more information, contact Beth Pratt at 360-452-7222 or