PCSC plants trees

The week before last Pacific Coast Salmon Coalition organized the planting of around 400 trees. Two sites were worked, one along Boulder Creek and the other along Goodman Creek. It was a true community project!

Trees were donated by Pacific Forest Management, Clallam Conservation District, and Dave Hahn.

The crew got advice on tree planting from Sierra Hemmig, Riparian Biologist with the Quileute Natural Resources and Nicole Rasmussen, Fish Habitat Specialist with the Wild Salmon Center.

Then an all-volunteer crew went to work planting, including Tom Grafstrom, Tobias Dahl, and Oscar Hammer, accompanied by PCSC Board Members Wayne Haag, Heather Cantua and Ellen Hammer, and PCSC Executive Director Chad Wilkins.

Last summer, PCSC removed old creosote pilings and fish barriers from these sites. The last step in the project was to replant a diverse set of trees to help hold the banks, create shade, and eventually regenerate woody debris in the creek.

If you’re interested in participating in volunteer opportunities like this, please reach out here: https://www.pacificcoastsalmoncoalition.org/take-action

PCSC board meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 5 p.m., in person at 71 N Spartan Ave. in Forks and virtually via Zoom. https://us06web.zoom.us/j/83470782874