Riding safer

By Jolene Price

For those who don’t know, there was a group of people that got together a little over a year ago and decided they wanted to do something to help the youth of Forks be safer while riding their off-road vehicles. We had seen several accidents involving motorcycles and wanted to do something to try and eliminate these incidents. We held a couple of fundraisers and thanks to the community of Forks we raised around $4,000 to help buy safety gear for the youth.

We went to work planning a safety class but due to COVID limitations, things kept getting pushed back. On Saturday, May 21 we were finally able to hold a class!! With the money raised from the community, we purchased brand-new helmets for all the participants of the class. We would like to send out our gratitude to all those who helped make this happen! Without you we would not have been able to do it!

Special thanks (and in no particular order) to: The Forks Community for your generosity, Clallam County Fire District 1 (Forks & Beaver fire halls), Eric Waunch EWX MX Schools (our awesome instructor), The City of Forks, REMVAC (Forks ambulance), the Quileute Tribe, and the Forks Police Dept. If we forgot anyone we apologize but know that without everyone’s help we would not have been able to do this! We are hoping to have more classes like it in the future.

Practicing safe riding.

Practicing safe riding.