Russell Road bridge now open for traffic

Quigg Bros. complete project

Russell Road Bridge

Chris Cook – Forks Forum Photo

Pete Wilder can again drive his log truck across Mill Creek to access his truck shop located along Russell Road. Here Wilder is pictured crossing the bridge while Mayor Bryon Monohon discusses details of the new bridge with a representative of Aberdeen-based Quigg Bros., the general contractor for the project.

The City of Forks this week reopened the long-closed road section. In late 2010 Mill Creek flood waters pushed two culverts underlying the road section to the near collapse. It was decided by the City of Forks to shut down and isolate the section of Russell Road that carried the roadway over the culverts, in fear the culverts and road surface would collapse if traffic continued to move over the section. Federal FEMA funding setbacks initially kept the project from moving forward. Last year federal funds allocated through the state Department of Transportation came through, paying for the bulk of the $600,000-plus project. 

"It’s been a long time coming," Monohon told the Forks Forum during a look at the new bridge. "I’m thankful to have it open. Quigg Bros. did a great job." 

The bridge is rated able to carry heavy commercial vehicles. The two culverts were replaced with a concrete box-shaped structure which is much less restrictive to the flow of Mill Creek. The Pacific Coast Salmon Coalition helped with initial surveys of salmon through flow in the area of the bridge.