Sappho’s Garden-Food grown with Love

Anina and Michelle's adventure into the world of market gardening began as a seed, like most ideas, casually discussed over morning coffee........

By Anna-Michelle Simpson

Anina and Michelle’s adventure into the world of market gardening began as a seed, like most ideas, casually discussed over morning coffee. Having moved back home as a single mother with two young daughters, Anina was trying to deal with tensions, hesitations and feelings of inadequacy that had been dampening positive thoughts toward the future. This one seed of an idea that Michelle delicately planted pointed Anina in a positive direction that has grown quickly into a passionate calling after much research and hands-on experience these past few months.

Michelle is a graduate of Washington State University’s Master Gardener program and already had built a large greenhouse. Anina extensively studied successful growers to gain insight into the strategies and methodologies of small-scale market gardens. A fresh new hoop house was constructed, soil was amended and seeds were ordered. Naturally, the growing has expanded with a successful kick-off to the season with a variety of luscious tomato starts and a plethora of mixed greens growing happily in the spring weather. As women farmers located in Sappho, it seemed natural to name the farm Sappho’s Garden.

Sustainable agriculture is a way of life.

“In simplest terms, sustainable agriculture is the production of food, fiber or other plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare.” (Grace Communications Foundation). Sappho’s Garden embodies this idea, as crops are free of any toxic chemicals, synthetic fertilizers and are planted with non-GMO seeds. Animals are treated with care and compassion. Composting, crop rotation and conservation tillage will remain an essential practice for future seasons. Fields are thriving in harmony with the surrounding eco-system by practicing care with natural resources and without disturbing natural systems.

Anina and Michelle’s ultimate vision is to support the Forks community by offering healthy homegrown and organic fresh food nurtured by honorable farmers.

“We think fresh food that is grown with love tastes better. We aim to collaborate with other like-minded market growers to offer the community a wider range of healthy, delicious and nutritious food choices,” they said.

Look for us this summer at the Open Aire Market in Forks and on Facebook at Sappho’s Garden. We will be offering vegetables, herbs and flowers directly from the farm. Our goal is to provide fresh delicious varieties that are well-loved and as well as new ones to try. We have plans to host a harvest supper in the fall and offer Farm Shares next year. Look for pork and honey in the near future. We look forward to our growing success!”