Stop the Bleed Campaign

  • Wed Jul 5th, 2017 12:08pm
  • News

The Stop the Bleed Campaign is an effort started by Homeland Security and Fema and is meant to help communities in the event of mass casualties. The program will teach people how to stop bleeding by using pressure. The program also looks to place special kits with police and fire departments, schools and at high occupancy locations. The kits contain special cloth bandages with a clotting agent.

The Forks Ambulance Crew is seeking funding to provide these kits to specific areas and entities where they can be pre-staged in the event of a natural disaster or other high casualty events. There would also be special training required in how to use the kit correctly. They are currently seeking grant money for the kits but would also accept local donations.

The crew is also in the process of purchasing a new ambulance and restarting CPR classes on a regular basis. The new ambulance will be 4W drive and when it arrives the public will have an opportunity to take a look at it. The money for the ambulance was made available from the recent EMS levy.

Tim Wade, Director/Supervisor Forks Ambulance, is proud of the fact that Forks EMTs are responding to local calls fast. “We are striving to be the standard for EMS and provide the best care.” He welcomes the community to stop by and see what they do, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. He reminds the community they are always looking for volunteers. The crew currently has 4 paid staff. A new feature for those interested in being a volunteer is online self-paced classes. “The better-trained volunteers are the better for the community,” Wade added.