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  • Thu Nov 7th, 2019 11:51am
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2019 water tank recoating project

If you live near the City’s one-million-gallon (1MG) or three-quarter-million-gallon (.75MG) water tank, you are no doubt aware of a project to refurbish those tanks that was underway over the past year. Even if you don’t live in the vicinity of either tank, you’ve probably heard something about the project.

The City of Forks has three tanks servicing the municipal water system. All three are located on the south side of the Forks Prairie. One of those, a 150-thousand-gallon tank located at the end of Sportsmans Club Road, is reaching the end of its life and will be decommissioned in the next few years with minimal impact on the water system. Work on a project to refurbish the two remaining tanks has been in the planning stages for many years and finally began in mid-November, 2018. It was completed in mid-September of this year. The cost of the project was approximately $1,900,000 and was funded with a low-interest loan through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The loan covered both the engineering and construction aspects of the project.

The project consisted of demolishing the existing roof vent; installing and anchoring a new roof vent; installing accessories that include intrusion alarms, sampling stations, and access ladder gates; installing telemetry equipment that allows the tanks to communicate with pumps at the well houses; seal welding of interior roof rafters and plates; repairing of pitted steel; surface preparation, and application of prime, stripe, intermediate, and finish coats on tank interiors; and finally tank disinfection and testing.

This project required emptying the two tanks before any work could begin. In the process of draining the tanks, some water was used to fill the local fire trucks and the rest was released to our water system for use by customers of the municipal water district. As a result of this project, we now have two completely refurbished water tanks as part of the system that provides our community with clean drinking water.

This edition of The City Scoop ends with an alert to all customers of the municipal water district.

Over the past few months, several customers have received an unusually high water bill, for just one month, that could not be explained. Based on this, as well as reports of unusual behavior from the community, the water department suspects that water theft is occurring. Be on the lookout for vehicles carrying large storage containers or water tanks in places where they don’t belong. If your house has an outside hose bib or yard hydrant you may want to invest in a hose bib lock for each of your outdoor spigots. They can be purchased for around $13, making them an inexpensive solution to a very costly problem.

If you see suspicious activity like this occurring around the water district, please report it to the Forks Police Department (360-374-2223) if the activity is seen inside Forks city limits. Report it to the Clallam County Sheriff (360-417-2459) if seen outside the city limits.