The Lost Resort — worth the drive

  • Fri May 27th, 2016 8:26pm
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OFF SEASON SPECIAL! The cost for a cabin stay is the temperature … Feb. 13-May 15.

It’s a long drive to well … it’s a long drive but, if when you get there, you are thirsty, there are over 99 bottles of beer on the wall to choose from and not just any beer but a great selection of micro-brews.


The Lost Resort is sort of like its name but it’s not really lost and the drive has to be worth it, because any guy that would spend 18 years thinking about building a resort and then did it is worth meeting. On Saturday, June 4, Rob Snyder is going to celebrate 20 years in business in the middle of nowhere.

In 1982, when Olympic National Park bought out the Lake Ozette Resort, Snyder decided to build a new resort outside the park boundaries.

He had grown fond of the area and the residents and felt it was needed since the Lake Ozette Resort was gone and the nearest town was 28 miles away. He also liked the lack of competition.

He purchased 5 acres and then for the next 11 years he “learned a lot about starting a business.”

After some time in Arizona, he returned to the Ozette in 1992 and really started getting serious about his plans. With a lot of business planning help, his own money and some loans he finally was able to build his dream and on June 1, 1996, he finally was in business.

The Lost Resort has campsites and cabins and food from May 15-Sept. 15, and beer and Lake Ozette, which was named one of “The Best Places to Visit Along the Northwest Coast” in 2014. Today the now 10-acre camping resort serves as a gateway to Cape Alava and the popular Alava-Sand Point loop trail.

On Saturday, June 4, make the drive to the Lost Resort to help Rob celebrate. Enjoy FOOD, FUN and FRIENDS! The live music and potluck start at 2 p.m.

Free camping will be available. The resort is located a quarter mile from the ranger station on Hoko-Ozette Road. For more information or questions, call 800-950-2899 or 360-963-2899.

It’s not the Last Resort but the Lost Resort, just keep driving you can’t miss it!