Upper Hoh Road Work To Resume

Construction Activities and Upcoming Work

This week and the following week, Interwest Construction, Inc. (ICI) will resume work on the FHWA Upper Hoh River Road Phase 2 project for this final season of work. That work will consist of clearing a few trees at MP 4.38 where a 18ft tall x 20ft wide box culvert will be installed (in July-Aug 2023) and at MP 3.6 where the remaining 8 Engineered Log Jams with dolos will be installed (in July-Aug 2023).

Some other work to be completed this year include the Soil Nail Retaining Wall and remaining paving at MP 7.5 Tower Creek, and the Wetland Mitigation site at MP 3.6. After the clearing is completed in March as described above, there will be a pause in work until the beginning of May 2023

Impacts to Traffic

• Travelers can expect Temporary Traffic Control Flaggers at MP 4.38 and MP 3.6 of Upper Hoh Rd for clearing operations

• Expect delays up to a total of 30 minutes per passage through the project corridor during weekdays 8AM-5PM from March 15-24, 2023

• Olympic National Park and businesses along Upper Hoh Road will remain accessible at all times during construction. For more information, visit the project website at: highways.dot.gov/federal-lands/projects/wa/jeff-91420-1