Vandal artists Dodge authorities

  • Wed Jul 23rd, 2014 4:06pm
  • News

Receiving a mysterious phone call at 6:55 p.m. Wednesday evening, I was instructed to meet at the Forks sign at the North end of town, so I loaded up my dogs, they wanted a ride, and my camera, and made my way there, arriving at 7:01. There I found two individuals in disguise with fake noses and glasses that were a bit too small thus revealing their real identities multiple times.

In an early evening, what could only be called an artistic act of vandalism, I found these two “vandalizing” the Forks sign, the artist of the two brought a drill with a dead battery but the hardware guy of the two had a back up drill.

I watched in stunned disbelief as the two would be vandals/artists or just plain nutty guys attached a stump and a Mick Dodge cartoon character to the Forks sign, it was so much fun I followed them to the south end of town where they repeated the artistic vandalism on that sign as well, it must have looked good, so good, that even when an officer from the Forks Police Department drove by and I waved at him he waved back, suspecting no crime was going on.

Due to the Forks Forums high standards of confidentiality regarding the sources of its story ideas, I can not reveal the names of the two individuals involved, at this time, but I think most Forks residents will recognize them, even with the disguises.