• Thu Oct 8th, 2020 11:57am
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Fall Fundraiser for The Caring Place,

Pregnancy Resource Center

Sponsored by Forks Athletic & Aquatic Club (FAAC)

Contributions can be dropped off at the FAAC, or mailed to The Caring Place,

P. O. Box 2111, Forks, WA 98331

1. Who we are, why we care – The Caring Place has been in existence in Forks since 1985 – actively seeking to support and help moms and dads in their expected and unexpected roles as life-givers, parents, Moms and Dads. We are a ministry to young families – that means we love because Christ first loved us. When we receive donations, we are able to keep our doors open and purchase car seats and pregnancy tests, provide a location for mobile unit ultrasounds, and other materials to support those in Forks who need us. We need monthly support!

2. How to help – first we ask for your prayer. Our God is a good God who loves each and every one of us. Some are unsure of that love, expecting judgmentalism and rejection first. We rely on God’s Spirit to work in the lives of those who come to our door (or our phone) bringing peace and joy in the midst of fear and frustration. Next, we could use help! We need board members, volunteers, support. Last, we could use your help monetarily. How about helping us right here with this fundraiser!?

3. #WeCare Instructions

a. Decide on your sport and set a goal (see suggestions below).

b. Sign up at the Forks Athletic & Aquatic Club (FAAC) 91 Maple Avenue in Forks! $10 gets you a water bottle, a sponsor sheet, the instructions, AND our thanks for supporting our families! (First 9 signups gets a free Tshirt!)

c. Find some sponsors – sign them up! Ask for a donation!

d. Get out there and DO IT! Complete your goal by October 28th. (post a picture on The Caring Place, Forks or the Forks Athletic and Aquatic Club Facebook pages)

e. Collect your sponsor returns (checks payable to The Caring Place)

f. Turn your sheets & money to the FAAC or mail to The Caring Place (see contact information below) and you’ll get our thanks and a gift bag.

g. Smile – you Care! – receive our THANKS!

4. Future help

a. Pray

b. Serve

c. Give

Suggested Activities – walk, stroll, swim, bike, dance, stretch, garden, play with children, rake leaves, sweep your deck (or your neighbor’s!), skate, rollerblade, unicycle, cartwheel, Zumba, hop, skip, jump rope, the choice is yours!

Forks Athletic & Aquatic Club, 91 Maple Ave., Forks, 360-374-6100

The Caring Place, 481 West E Street, P. O. Box 2111, Forks, 360-374-5010