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  • Thu Feb 6th, 2020 11:14am
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A Different Approachto Prenatal Care – MoreChoices for West End Residents

A Three-Part Special

Part 1 of 3

Bogachiel Clinic and Dr. Rebecca Pfaff are happy to introduce an expansion of prenatal care offerings with an ADDITIONAL option and approach to prenatal care. While we will continue to offer the traditional model of prenatal during which you meet individually with Dr. Pfaff throughout your pregnancy, CenteringPregnancy® allows you and a companion or companions of your choosing to attend prenatal visits that are in a comfortable group setting. These appointments provide the time to ask a provider all of your questions, learn more about your health, and share with others who are having similar experiences.

CenteringPregnancy was developed by providers who felt they were unable to spend quality time with their patients in prenatal appointments. Traditional care normally allows for 2 to 4 hours total of face to face time with your provider over the course of your entire pregnancy The 90 minute to 2-hour time block of each Centering appointment helps to address this issue. Despite the group setting, patients find they get to know their provider better as Centering allows them to spend so much more time together when compared to the traditional prenatal care appointments. In Centering, you are provided with both private times to talk with your provider and ask personal questions, as well as group times that are fun and informative. Over the course of your pregnancy, you will spend 20 hours face-to-face with your provider, allowing for relaxed conversation and an opportunity to really feel heard and understood.

CenteringPregnancy is prenatal care. It has no additional cost to the patient or insurance, despite the extra time with the provider. Your individual care needs are addressed in private; orders and results of ultrasounds, labs, personal needs, belly checks, and prescriptions are part of your appointment time built into the Centering group block. However, the reason for general testing and medications is often a topic for group discussions. Participants have reported that Centering group discussions led to a better understanding of the lab testing and medications prescribed, even if this is not their first pregnancy.

Why did Bogachiel Clinic and Forks Community Hospital adopt this program? The reasons are vast, more time with patients, proven increased patient safety, increased patient satisfaction, reduced preterm birth rates, and building of community are among the top reasons. Another reason is that Clallam County has the HIGHEST INFANT MORTALITY rate in the state of Washington. CenteringPregnacy is directly linked to lowering infant mortality rates. These reasons also led to the United States Army adopting CenteringPregnancy as its prenatal care model. Centering CEO, Angie Truesdale is on TIME’s 2018 list of The Most Influence People in Healthcare. Robin Marty stated, “The U.S. has the highest maternal mortality rate of any developed nation… As Centering Healthcare Institute’s CEO, Truesdale launched a major expansion of CenteringPregnancy, a group prenatal-care program proven to improve birth outcomes, especially in underserved communities.”

CenteringPregnancy is a program developed to meet the unique needs of our families, neighbors, and friends.

Our goal is to offer more choices, you are in charge of deciding what is best for you and your family.

If you have questions regarding CenteringPregancy ask Dr. Pfaff at your next appointment or call Bogachiel Medical Clinic at 360-374-6998 and speak with Kami Clagget. In Neah Bay contact Allyson Bowers (360)345-292 or Glenda Butler 360-645 -3298 at the Sophie Trettevick Clinic.

General questions can be sent to [email protected] Please keep all personal health information private by discussing it directly with your provider.

Next Week – CenteringPregnancy® Appointments and Privacy

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