Harry R. Wilson “Russ”

May 5, 1949 – September 8, 2021

On September 8, 2021, Harry Russell Wilson died in Olympia, Washington. He lost the battle in a “Give’m Hell Harry” fight with the coronavirus. He was 72 years old.

Harry is survived by his son, Robert Wilson; brother, Pat Wilson and his wife Christine Wilson; sister and brother-in-law of Soldotna, Alaska, Susan and Ralph Linn and nephews, Aaron Wilson and his wife Maggie Wilson, and Jacob Wilson and his partner Christeal Milburn; niece, Jessica Wilson and fiance, Jeremy Lincoln.

He was preceded in death by his forever faithful, long-time dachshund companion, Katy Lynn; wife, Pamela Wilson, older sister, Kathy Loucks and by parents Margaret and Robert E. Wilson. Born on May 5, 1949, in Tacoma, Washington, he grew up around U.S. Air Force Bases on the west coast and graduated from Franklin Pierce High School in Washington. After completing high school, he moved with his family to Wiesbaden, Germany where he was drafted into the U.S. Army. He served his country with distinction in Vietnam.

This military experience was one that forever changed his views on individual freedoms and our nation, as a protector of people. Harry loved America and revered the men and women who sacrificed their own so that, we the people, may be free. He fiercely defended the right to live as individuals. Most paradoxically of all, he valued life, yet so bravely, that all people should be ready to die in the service of our country.

Courage and humor at unlikely moments were an integral part of his inimitable personality. Despite the sometimes-crusty exterior, off-handed remarks, and stubbornness, Harry was a softhearted, loving, giving, and caring kind of guy. He was always there for a neighbor, someone in need, or any friend.

The deep sorrow and pain in our hearts that, we as his family feel from his passing, is all so real. Harry led a good, full life, and one he chose on his own terms. In the end, his death was peaceful. The transition was hell, but for the record, he did not really lose his battle with the coronavirus. When he died, the virus died too, so technically it was a tie!

At Harry’s request, there will be no funeral or memorial service. The family will notify friends and loved ones later with a remembrance letter.