Jack Hillcar

Jack Hillcar loved to work. In fact living and working was one in the same. He told stories about growing up in the harbor, working. Pulling nails out of boards when he was a kid, graduating to a paper route as a teenager, and digging razor clams by the gunny sack full as a young man.

He found his home when he moved to Forks in the 1960s. He worked with some of the finest old-time loggers. A generation that understood what real work was. Work wasn’t managed by a time clock, but rather the day was over when the work was done. He took those pearls of wisdom from his mentors and built a company that stood the test of time.

He also loved Forks. He never saw Disneyland or New York city, and he never cared to. Forks had it all. With hometown pride he donated to softball teams, school groups, the Lions Club, and many more.

His legacy is in the miles of roads that wander through the forests, foundation rock found under many school buildings, and rock that was used to build the new bridges over the area rivers. Crushing rock was Jack Hillcar’s contribution to this world.

Jack lived a good long life and he will be missed by many.

A celebration of life for Jack and Jan is being planned for a later date.